New York Giants 2022 standings: Daniel Jones takes first overall

We’ve made it into the top 10 players in our rankings for the 90-player New York Giants roster. Let’s discuss each of these players, and all of them should be critical to the success or failure of the 2022 giants.

No. 10, Aziz Ogulari – You can argue if you want that this might be too high for Ojulari. But I look at the 20-11 roster, and I don’t see anyone who has a better or more important 2021 season for the 2022 Giants and perhaps most importantly – more important for the future of the team.

Ojulari was overshadowed by Kayvon Thibodeaux’s drafting, but he’s had an excellent rookie season and should continue to improve. Does that mean his sack total, 8.0 as a beginner, will go up? Probably not, but its general effect can occur.

No. 9, Blake Martinez It’s impossible to gauge how much the Giants miss Martinez after his third week tore up the AFC Champions League in 2021, but there’s no doubt they missed him. He’s the defensive brain in the middle of the field, and the player the Giants rely on for play in the middle of the seventh defensive front.

No. 8, Adoree ‘Jackson – I’m apprehensive about Jackson’s ability to handle No. 1 corner duties in a good defense. But the Giants are asking him to be the No. 1 full-back in a defense they hope he does well. For better or for worse, Jackson is important to this team. very important.

No. 7, Evan Neal The Giants have been trying for nearly a decade now to repair their offensive line. Neil, in association with Andrew Thomas, represents their best hope in a long time. If that’s what most people think, Joe Shuen has taken a huge step towards achieving what Jerry Reese and Dave Gittleman couldn’t.

No. 6, Kayvon Thibodeaux – Take on Schoen Thibodeaux, a talented prospect who has divided NFL residents due to his mixed feelings off the field and his sometimes questionable drive. There is no doubt that Thibodeaux has the potential to be the best passing striker the Giants have owned since Jason Pierre Paul in his early years. For Schwinn and the Giants, there’s a lot of riding around whether or not he’s going to be.

No. 5, Andrew Thomas – Whether or not you think Thomas should have been the fourth-choice in 2020 isn’t really about his importance to the Giants. He’s high quality, ascending left interference and his ranking here shows how good the player I think he has become and how important he is to the future of the Giants.

No. 4, Xavier McKinney – Logan Ryan, James Bradbury and Gabriel Peppers went. This is now McKinney High School. After a rookie season derailed with a foot injury, McKinney showed last season that he is a rising star. By the end of the year, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if McKinney is considered the Giants’ best defensive player.

No. 3, Leonard Williams Williams is currently the Giants’ best defensive player. He’s an influential player, perhaps even better than his ball numbers/intermissions sometimes show.

No. 2, Saquon Barclay – Lots of questions about Barkley. However, no other player on the list has demonstrated the ability to influence the game of football the way Barkley can when he is at his best.

Can he still reach that level? Are you still a star? Can he stay healthy? How difficult will it be for the long-term giants to decide whether or not to keep it long-term?

No. 1, Daniel Jones Does that mean I see Jones as the best player on the list? No, that means I see it as the most important. Determining whether the Giants will go ahead with Jones in the middle behind his start-up deal is the biggest priority of the season.

Fans are completely divided on the question of whether or not Jones will appear to GM Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll to move forward with him as their long-term quarterback.

Click the Profile link next to each player’s name to read the profiles of the 90-player roster, if you haven’t already. Or, do you just need to activate.

Giants List Rankings

91 – Jabbari Ellis, DT [Profile]
90. Josh Rivas, OG [Profile]
89. Ryder Anderson, Edge [Profile]
88. Zyon Gilbert, C.B. [Profile]
87. Chris Hinton DT [Profile]
86. Darren Evans, CB [Profile]
85. Tomon Fox, Edge [Profile]
84. Andre Miller, TE [Profile]
83. Trenton Thompson, S [Profile]
82. Joseph Corker [Profile]
81. Austin Allen, T.E. [Profile]

80. Jeremiah Hall, TE [Profile]
79. Jashaun Corbin, RB [Profile]
78. Roy Mbaeteka, OT [Profile]
77. Sandro Platzgummer, R.B. [Profile]
76. Nick Gates, R [Profile]
75 Matt Burt, OT [Profile]
74. Devery Hamilton, OL [Profile]
73. Alex Bachmann, and [Profile]
72. Travis Toivonen, WR [Profile]
71. Justin Hilliard, LB [Profile]

70- Kenan Doss, W [Profile]
69. Austin Bruhl, W [Profile]
68. Nico Lalos, Edge [Profile]
67. Oshane Ximines, Edge
66. Khalil Dorsey, CB [Profile]
65. David Moa, DT [Profile]
64. Robert Foster, WR [Profile]
63. Rodarius Williams, CB
62. Chris Mayrick, TE [Profile]
61. Antonio Williams, R

60. David Sales, WR [Profile]
59. Galen Holmes, D [Profile]
58. Henry Black, S [Profile]
57. Michael Jacquet, CB [Profile]
56. Marcus McKitthan, J [Profile]
55. Carter Coughlin LB [Profile]
54. Garen Williams, S
53. Morris Kennedy, CB [Profile]
52. Corey Cunningham OT [Profile]
51. Jamil Douglas, R [Profile]

50. Colin Johnson, WR [Profile]
49. Darius Slayton, WR [Profile]
48. Davis Webb, QB [Profile]
47. Max Garcia, R [Profile]
46. ​​Ben Bradison, R [Profile]
45. Cam Brown, LB [Profile]
44. Ricky Sells-Jones, TE [Profile]
43. Jordan Akins, T.E. [Profile]
42. Matt Juno, OT [Profile]
41. Gary Brightwell, RB [Profile]

40. Elerson Smith, Edge [Profile]
39. Jimmy Gillan, B [Profile]
38. Casey Kreiter, L.S. [Profile]
37. Darian Beavers, ILB [Profile]
36. DJ Davidson, DT [Profile]
35. Dane Belton, S. [Profile]
34. Micah McFadden, ILB [Profile]
33. CJ Board, WR [Profile]
32. Ritchie James, and [Profile]
31. Jihad Ward, Edge [Profile]

30. Justin Ellis, DL [Profile]
29. Joshua Ezeudu, OL [Profile]
28. Quincy Roach, Edge [Profile]
27. Cordell Flute, CB [Profile]
26. Matt Breida, RB [Profile]
25. Ty Crowder, LB [Profile]
24. Darnay Holmes, CB [Profile]
23. Tyrod Taylor, QB [Profile]
22. Daniel Bellinger, TE [Profile]
21. Shin Limiu, Ji [Profile]

20. John Feliciano, C [Profile]
19. Mark Glowinsky, J [Profile]
18. Julian Love, DB [Profile]
17. Wan’Dale Robinson, WR [Profile]
16. Aaron Robinson, CB [Profile]
15. Graham Janow, PK [Profile]
14. Stirling Shepard, W [Profile]
13. Kenny Golladay, WR [Profile]
12. Dexter Lawrence, DT [Profile]
11. Kadarius Toney, WR [Profile]

10. Aziz Ogulari, Edge [Profile]
9. Blake Martinez, ILB [Profile]
8. Adoree ‘Jackson, C.B. [Profile]
7. Evan Neal, RT [Profile]
6. Kayvon Thibodeaux, Edge [Profile]
5. Andrew Thomas, LT [Profile]
4. Xavier McKinney, S [Profile]
3. Leonard Williams, D.L. [Profile]
2. Saquon Barkley, RB [Profile]
1. Daniel Jones, QB [Profile]

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