Lawyers released a video of the boiling water incident at Dallas Taco Bell

Lawyers for a woman and her niece said they were badly injured when a Dallas Taco Bell employee poured boiling water on them, and released a video Friday of the incident.

Attorneys Paul Greinke and Ben Crump filed a lawsuit in Dallas County on July 13 on behalf of Brittany Davis and her niece, identified in court documents as CT, alleging that Taco Bell did not properly train or vet its employees. The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $1 million.

The accident occurred on June 17 after the two got through a Taco Bell at 11800 of Abrams Road, off Interstate 635 in Lake Highlands, and received the wrong order three times, according to the lawsuit.

None of the accused – Taco Bell, parent company Yum! Brands, local franchisor North Texas Bells and two unnamed employees responded to requests for comment Friday.

A woman, a girl sues Taco Bell, claiming that a Dallas employee poured boiling water on them

A two-minute video released by the lawyers shows 12 different camera angles inside and outside the restaurant. In the beginning of the footage, Davis and her niece are standing at the counter, and Davis is talking to a woman from behind the cash register.

After two minutes, an employee in the kitchen grabs a transparent jug and fills it with water. The clerk puts it on the table for a while while steam rises from the jug.

This employee, who appears to be talking on the phone, walks to the front desk and throws water toward Davis and her niece.

Davis and her niece fall to the ground before getting up and running toward the exit. The employee returns to the kitchen and appears to be filling the jug again.

Davis and the girl are seen running toward a car before the clip ends.

The lawsuit says they suffered second and third degree burns that left permanent scars. The lawsuit said Davis was traumatized on his way to the emergency room and suffered 10 seizures that caused significant brain damage.

“The actions of the Taco Bell management and staff in these videos are violent, cruel and unforgivable,” Grenk said in a written statement. “Instead of just solving the problem, the Taco Bell staff taunted a 16-year-old, and the manager ambushed them with scalding water. … I am horrified that Taco Bell would treat anyone that way.”

Lawyers for the plaintiffs also say that a fast-food restaurant employee had a gun during the incident.(Paul Greinke and Ben Crump)

An additional 30-second video posted by lawyers shows different employees in the kitchen area. Lawyers say one employee hid a gun under his shirt before passing it to another employee a few seconds later.

The exchange occurs when Davis and her niece are thrown water. The gun is not clearly visible in the footage.

The defendants did not file a response before the court.

Dallas Police previously said officers responded to reports of a severe assault and assault on Taco Bell on June 17. A minor called the police the next day to report an assault related to the same incident.

No arrests were made. Police spokeswoman Melinda Gutierrez said Friday that the three cases will go to a grand jury.

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