“I am happy where I am” – Balu

Life off the track has slowed down quite a bit for Alex Palou. Finding himself in the middle of a self-inflicted storm last week heading into the Toronto NTT IndyCar Series, driver Chip Ganassi Racing’s time was less demanding for an Iowa double entry this weekend.

Walking to the Iowa Speedway media center for a late-morning Friday night open party, the Spaniard went largely unnoticed, standing in the back of the room while the other drivers grabbed more immediate attention. With no immediate decision in sight on Palu’s future and which team will have exclusive rights to his services, most of his focus has shifted to the seven remaining races on the calendar.

However, there were some questions about the future that Balu was ready to answer early in the morning. Standing in the back of the CGR bus where the air conditioning kept Honda’s No. 10 driver nice and cool, he said that despite the allure of Formula 1, qualifying for a Super license and the possibility to test with the McLaren Racing F1 team, he wanted to stay in IndyCar.

“I’m happy – we’re having fun and trying to win another IndyCar Series championship, and I’m good where I am,” Palou told RACER. “I try to win as many races and championships as possible. But I don’t know where I will be.”

The quality of advice from Palo managers, Monaco Increase Management, has become a topic of debate since CGR and McLaren Racing claimed the 25-year-old is under contract for 2023. There are no plans to make a change.

“I wasn’t on social media much,” he added. “They’ve been with me since I basically started with one seat, and that’s all good. I also understand that this might turn them around a little bit, because now, honestly, before Toronto, I’ve done nothing more in that aspect. I haven’t spoken to anyone else. I’ve focused Only on Julian, my engineers and my actors. So that’s up to now and up to the big players.”

Balu also refuted the idea that Roger Yasukawa, who was instrumental in bringing him to IndyCar from Japan and providing day-to-day assistance, is no longer part of his management team.

“He’s 100 percent fine,” he said. “The problem is that with Roger, he’s lost a few races as he did last year too. He’s missed the last three – since Detroit, I think, and he wasn’t here this weekend. But yeah, he’s still with me. No topics No topics .”

The CGR team was clear in its confirmation that Palou is under contract with Palou for 2023. Whether the feud with McLaren ends up in court or through private methods is not yet known, and by the end of it, the driver in question has no insights into it. How and when will it come to a conclusion.

“I hope it will be as quickly as possible and as good as possible, without having to wait too much or without having to make more noise,” he said. “But I don’t really know if it will take days, months, or weeks. I wish it was weeks.”

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