Halo Infinite player stats issue is about to get worse

A Spartan holds a weapon and stares into the distance in Halo Infinite.

picture: 343 industries

infinite aura More strict about data than any other recent data Hello. Previous entries in the shooter series allowed you to see all-time multiplayer stats, including key characters such as profit and loss distribution, kill-to-death ratio, and more. For data-conscious players, this information was not only fun to look at – it also served as an essential tool for planning your personal progression.

But infinite aura It doesn’t offer an official way for players to check their tally stats, except for a single match rundown at the end of each match. If you want to see how well you’re doing in the long run, other than tracking your progress in the challenge-based battle card, you won’t find such data anywhere in the game’s menus. You won’t find it on the 343 Industries developer hub site for the series, road auraYou can also the two previous company games, Halo 5And the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

This is in keeping with the recent trend in first-person shooter games, where basic data that developers previously provided in previous entries are absent in newer versions. Last few years Battlefield 2042 It was launched without a scoreboard—a key feature of the game—Finally added it last spring, but only after the players’ dissonant notes. In some cases, the data is there, but it is locked behind a paywall. Takes Call of Duty: Modern WarfareAnd the Which will show you the kill and kill percentage… for $20.

A Halo Infinite player looks at the progress of his battle pass on Halo Waypoint.

in No finalThe official 343 tracker just shows your progress towards unlocking new cosmetics.
screenshot: 343 Industries / Kotaku

There is, at least, an unofficial workaround for infinite aura: a website called halo data cell, which allows you to hit your Xbox player name and see your stats all the time. It’s not just things from 101 levels like kill and death ratio and total win vs loss, the basic information that 343 provides. You can see how much your kill rate is in each match. You can see how much damage you’ve taken since the game launched in late 2021. You can check the accuracy of the decimal numbers. And you can even differentiate all this data by seasons. (infinite aura(A free-to-play game, based on a seasonal model, where new maps, modes, and cosmetics are added to the game every few months.) What’s more, Halo Data Hive also displays finely aggregated data for players on teams affiliated with Halo Championship Series (HCS)If there are any fans infinite auraThe professional circuit in the room.

In short, Halo Data Hive is an enormously valuable resource, an example of the game community hitting the main role that would normally be performed by the developer of this game.

It is also in danger.

The lion’s share of the audience infinite aura Data is courtesy of a fan-run project called HaloDotAPI. (For those who don’t know, API stands for “Application Programming Interface” and allows for easy data exchange from one end to the other. IBM, credit when due, Has a comprehensive summary For those interested.) Founded a year ago by Alexis “Zenny” BizHaloDotAPI was officially purchased by automatic encodingan SF-based technology company focused on APIs, a few months after 343 Industries ran three “tech flights”—essentially, beta tests—in order to infinite auraMultiplayer mode.

“We are the only ones infinite aura API in the market, a lot of services depend on us, 343 will not release a public API [in the] In the short term, we may say goodbye to society.” Kotaku.

HaloDotAPI serves as the backbone of a large number of community-run data collection efforts in infinite aura social communication. There is Halo Data Hive mentioned above, yes, but it is also used paper And the Spartan recordtwo other multiplayer stats tracking sites; Hello Medalsa database that shows you the number of medals, or in-game trophies for the great feats you’ve won infinite aura; And the real achievementsThe famous website for tracking achievements.

“[It’s] A nifty tool that powers more than twenty community apps and websites, which are in turn used by thousands of gamers every day,” a representative of halohopa news and content organization that acts as a sort of town square for Hello community, he said Kotaku.

Spartan man reloads a pistol in Halo Infinite.

screenshot: 343 industries

Running an API for all of these things is expensive. (Bize spent $2,500 of his own money getting it off the ground; that cost, though not much, was offset by about $300 in Patreon funding.) Last month, Autocode founding CEO Keith Horwood Wrote in a blog post That HaloDotAPI is no longer financially viable and will be closed at the end of July, effectively ending any services that depend on its data.

“There are two categories of costs to consider when running any type of web service,” Horwood said. Kotaku. “The thing most people know is the cost of infrastructure: how much does it cost to run the darn thing? The thing non-tech people lose is the cost of operations: we have to pay to feed the people working on these tools! So it’s a combination of infrastructure and salaries.”

The people behind HaloDotAPI say 343 Industries or its owner, Microsoft, could step in and save the project. So far, both companies have refused to take any action. Moreover, 343 did not explain any concrete plans about launching a private internal API.

This already has a frightening effect on the services that take advantage of it. Most multiplayer stats sites seem to be tuned in. Halo Data Hive, whose representatives did not respond to KotakuComment request, this statement has now been pasted on his site, confirmation Kotaku‘s:

Note: Halo Data Hive no longer tracks HCS contests, tournaments, etc. until I finish updating the code to reduce the number of calls to the Halo Dot API in the hope of falling for a low-price subscription. During this time you will also do that Can no longer search your service history. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can read more about it here The Future of HaloDotAPI #SaveHaloDotAPI. Halo Data Hive currently makes 4,100 API calls per hour which costs $450 per month. my goal [is] To reduce this to a $95 subscription.

Bize says he has been in contact with 343 Industries since December. When it became clear that HaloDotAPI could not go unaided, the developer shifted responsibility to Microsoft, citing data privacy and legal compliance issues. But Horwood, in this blog post, notes that Autocode has been in touch with Microsoft, which said its compliance departments wouldn’t stand in the way of 343. My reading is that the people behind HaloDotAPI care less about managing this data than ensuring that players can access it. to it, regardless of who is behind the project. The ball appeared in court 343.

“Microsoft sees the value in halodotapi and has agreed to help with legal compliance,” HaloHub He said in a tweet. But, as it stands, the 343i will not proceed to fund the very reasonable cost of the project. If 343i is serious about reviving #HaloInfinite, that’s a bad business decision. “

Hello Esports leader Tahir “Tashi” Hasandjekic addresses the imminent closure of HaloDotAPI in an interview With Twitch Streamer LouisVTitan. Tashi has acknowledged having an API for both Halo 5 And the Aura Wars 2, and noted how important it is to the player base. “For the esports side, we really believe in all of that,” he said.

“In the long run, our API is the answer here,” he continued. “We understand the importance. We definitely feel for the community and the developers, if this goes away. But that’s just the reality of the situation.”

If you are used to producing infinite aura And I’d like to chat, whether it’s saveable or not, my inbox is always open: [email protected] (Signal and Proton on request).

Tashi did not provide a timeline for when 343 he might bring up such a thing. Representatives for 343 Industries did not respond to a request for comment.

For now, HaloDotAPI has a few weeks left before it gets dark. Fans have spent the past month gathering on Twitter The hashtag #SaveHaloDotAPI. there Continuous fundraising For the project too, but it does not look very interesting. Autocode needs about $10,000 per month to keep HaloDotAPI running indefinitely; At the moment, they are priced at $601. (In case of imminent shutdown, Horwood said Kotaku Any contributions will be refunded to donors.) Without some kind of intervention, there is a good chance that this data will go offline.

“I really hope there is a decision maker at 343 who is willing to engage with us because we would like to see a positive result here,” Horwood said. “Society too.”

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