EventHubs reacts to the new Street Fighter 6 outfits

While we were hoping a new member of the roster would premiere at San Diego Comic Con today, (and the well-mentioned character may have accidentally slipped off a panelist; we talk about it in the video) we got the next best thing as Capcom revealed new costumes for all The five confirmed characters of the game.

What does the mentioned costume look like? Do they call back or imply anything noteworthy or special? Catalyst and I have opinions, answers, and more in our latest Talk and Block feedback video.

Ryu is the first character we look at as he and his fellow Street Fighter 2 OGs don nostalgic outfits. While he’s still clearly older, he slips into his Street Fighter 4/Street Fighter 5 outfit in which he wears a red glove and a pure white jumpsuit.

He’s also shaving his face to make Ryu less hot, but with the success all of Street Fighter 5’s nostalgic fashion has seen, it looks like the callback appearance will just be standard practice going forward.

Chun-Li swaps out her new blue dress for her old blue dress, and wears her trademark ruffled bracelets in a blast straight from the past. The developers also shared something interesting about its Street Fighter 6 parody, which looks exactly like one from Street Fighter 4, but actually has a hit box attached to it.

This naturally leads us to wonder how much fun Capcom will have with sarcasm in SF6. They were part of the strategy in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike as taunting would give characters buffs and temporary advantages, but will the developers go that far with their latest entry?

Modern Guile, now with eyebrows and hair that mostly obey the laws of physics, slips into Guile’s old school uniform and looks great in it. Its primary color is green, but its secondary color is brown and serves as a response to its unique Champion Edition look.

Luke is wearing Timberland boots and looks…okay. His hair sticks out from under my back cap and that’s what (I) have a big problem with. I hope it’s not as annoying as it is in Street Fighter 5, but it’s on its way to being with this outfit.

Jimmy looks great, despite having some obvious similarities with his rival Luke. He had some sort of new jacket and pants and new shoes as well as a gold chain he was sure to point out.

This may have been highlighted because of how lousy accessories looked like the Birdie series because they often cut and bounce awkwardly in SF5. Some advances down this path could be another great example of Capcom listening to fans’ wishes and hopes to help improve the Street Fighter experience.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Uniform Ryo
03:20 – Zi Chun
05:15 – Guile’s costume
07:03 – Luke and Jimmy’s fashion
09:40 – Does the next character reveal that they slipped by mistake?

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