Blockbuster Tkachuk Trade, Penguins Debates

The deal was broken late Friday night. While many in the East were switching or changing, the Florida Panthers rocked the NHL trade market. Florida has given away a ransom to strength striker Matthew Tkachuk of Calgary Flames. Calgary fans seem excited. We have full coverage on both sides. There’s another Canada hockey sex scandal, and this creepy 2003 World Juniors affair comes with a video. A couple RFAs sign big contracts, and we’ve put up a few debates between the Pittsburgh Penguins.

We’ll start with “trade”.

Calgary Hockey Now: Holy blockbuster NHL trade, Batman. Huberdeau, Weegar, Probable and No. 1. Tkachuk – Flames trade.

Florida Hockey Now: Both fan bases are excited. Colby Guy has coverage in FLA… Bye, Huby, but hello Tkachuk. Cheetah trade.

If it interests you, this is very similar to the rumored trading price / cost of Evgeni Malkin in 2019.

Pittsburgh Penguins / Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Hockey Now: An opinion. The Pittsburgh Penguins paid more than Caspere Cabanen. This mistake will cost them another player. Here are the four most likely options. Pittsburgh Penguins Analysis.

Shelley Anderson wrote an interesting column. She doesn’t bet much, but after letting everything sink in, she advocates keeping Chris Letang and Evgeny Malkin. Even with those extra years. Read. Pittsburgh penguin view. Chris Carter chapter. This is the big year for Alex Highsmith. That leap in the third year. What do the Steelers have? Coverage of Pittsburgh Steelers. Pirate Trading! It was ugly for the Friday pirates. So, we will skip the game links. But Buccos got quite a few things in return for Daniel Vogelbach. John Perotto was (I believe) the first to confirm in Pittsburgh the trade talks with the Mets. Then it happened quickly. Full scoop from Perrotto – Pirates Trade analysis.

NHL Trade Chatter, News and National Hockey Now:

Montreal Hockey Now: Sources in Montreal love to talk. Two NHL commercial rumors are floating around the Montreal Canadiens. Pierre-Luc Dubois signed QO with the Winnipeg Jets rather than accept a big contract. He is French. center. It is very good. Canadian Trade Rumors.

Hockey in Washington Now: The Capitals are trying to get some youngsters into their squad. How do children accumulate? The capitals also have a few decisions, which will undoubtedly spark some rumors about the NHL trade. It’s a good read – Sammy Silber answers her readers. Washington Capitals Mailbag. I’m a little surprised by this. I thought Lynn would withdraw from Columbus, as DuBois does with Winnipeg. However, Laine got a four-year deal, and would make up a fearsome Top Six with Johnny Goudreau. Contract details.

TSN: A surprising development in the NHL trade block РColumbus needed to cash in on his paycheck. They traded Oliver Björkstrand for the Seattle Kraken.

TSN: Well, the warnings are usually silly and unnecessary. However, if you are angry about the hateful behavior, it may be best to skip this story until later in the day. The 2003 World Juniors Canada team is now under investigation by Hockey Canada and Halifax Police for a group sex party that almost certainly did not include a willing participant. They even have a name for the party type?! There is a video as well. Reporter Rick Westhead may be involved in the investigation because he exposed the evidence.

When I was at the mansion, the boys told me stories. Wild partying is a hockey thing, but gang rape is inexplicable and should destroy some careers. I don’t know the Canadian laws or the limitations of the legislation, but the jail time seems due. It’s also shocking that Hockey Canada has such a stray fund to pay victims’ compensation.

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