Ben Roethlisberger: Today’s young players are spoiled

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The last puff of Pittsburgh Post Gazette Regarding the former Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger attempted to strike a slight balance by asking Roethlisberger to include his regrets for his career.

The most obvious area of ​​potential reflection and regret is not mentioned, either by Roethlisberger or by Ron Cook, who wrote the article. (Hey, if no one mentioned it before, it never would, right?)

Instead, Roethlisberger lamented the team’s loss in Super Bowl XLV, playing a what-if match with an ankle injury at quarterback Maurkice Pouncey and returning back from Rashard Mendenhall. (Don’t tell Mindenhall this was a flop.) Roethlisberger also lamented the fact that the Steelers won only three games after the end of the season after the Super Bowl that crowned the 2010 season.

“I feel like the game has changed,” said Roethlisberger. “I feel like people have changed somehow. Maybe because I screwed up when I came in. The team was so important. It was all about the team. Now, it’s about me and this, this and the other.

“Maybe I’m standing on the soapbox a little bit, but that’s the biggest I can do since I started to the end. He’s gone from a first-team position to an I-type position. It was tough. It’s hard for these guys too. Social media. They’re treated pretty well. Good in college.Now this stuff is new NIL, which is unbelievable.They are treated in a special way.They were pampered at such a young age because college coaches need them to win too.Know the coach [Terry] Hoeppner never spoiled me [at Miami of Ohio]. nor did [Bill] Queer”.

Well, this is interesting. Hoeppner trained Roethlisberger for four years. Kouer coached Roethlisberger for three.

Mike Tomlin coached Roethlisberger for 15 seasons in the NFL.

It’s fair to wonder if Roethlisberger says Tomlin pampers players. We kind of already know he knows, at least with greats like Antonio Brown.

The other way to express it is that Tomlin knows how to deal with potentially problematic players, in order to talk to their best angels. What may sound like pampering is more like defusing (or at least delaying) a time bomb.

In fact, we’ve heard for years that guys who aren’t known to have problems in Pittsburgh sometimes go elsewhere and make an internal mess. Other coaches in the NFL highly respect Tomlin’s ability to steer players who might be tempted to cause trouble out of doing so. With Brown, Tomlin somehow managed to do this for nearly a decade.

Some will also find Roethlisberger’s comments ironic, given that he was at times unpopular, a first for me during the early years of his career. He became known (or at least suspected of) plasticizing and/or faking injuries, starting in the aftermath of the 2004 AFC Championship. He claimed to have played with several broken fingers. Coere has publicly announced that the rookie quarterback has zero fractures to his metatarsal bones.

There were more problems for Young Ben, including a motorcycle accident that (according to him) left him “seconds, maybe one minute of death”, along with a reputation in the locker room for being at times rude and a little turbulent.

There is a whole chapter in game makers Dedicated to the redemption Roethlisberger experienced after being suspended for four games in 2010. (As an unnamed former teammate said regarding Ben, “he’s a shit.”) As mentioned in game makersOddly enough, the indiscretion of his youth is completely lost in history. Apparently, the whole world of people who acquired amnesia in connection with the early days of Roethlisberger’s career now includes Roethlisberger himself.

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