Any upcoming quarterbacks for new deals?

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As Kyler Murray becomes the latest quarterback to earn a big contract, let’s take a look at who will get the money, either this year or the next. (or maybe not at all).

Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens quarterback spent months resisting the team’s overtures to a long-term deal. Now, he wants to get his second contract. Complicating matters is that he does not have an agent. He has said that contracts signed by other players don’t interest him, which is a clear example of why he desperately needs an agent. These other deals become his own precedent, a bar he must strive to achieve or surpass.

It’s a challenge to separate the team from the self when it comes to getting a fair contract. Some players are brainwashed with the idea that they owe the broader effort to leave extra meat on the bones. Other players realize that it is their duty to themselves and their families to maximize the value they generate from playing football, because their time to do so is very short. They have no shares in the business. They only have what they can squeeze out of ownership and walk away from the bank.

Yes, it is a team sport. But there is definitely an “I” on the team when it comes to ensuring that full and fair value is created by the player who has earned every penny he makes, and who is entitled to pursue as many pennies as possible from owners who have the money to burn – and buy a superyacht with it.

Russell Wilson.

Deshaun Watson took advantage of the semi-free agency he struck for himself in an entirely new deal that puts the market in place. Wilson, who only had one place he really wanted to play if not in Seattle, didn’t take the opportunity to order more on the way through the door.

And this is a smart move, because he will get more after the 2022 season.

With the richest owner ready to buy out the team, and with the team giving up a lot of business assets to acquire Wilson, he’ll get a post-season market value deal. It is likely to be fully guaranteed.

Is there a possibility that injury or ineffectiveness will compromise its value? Yes, but it is tiny. The Broncos basically accepted the fact that Wilson would get a monster deal the moment the trade happened. By not doing it now, they know they will pay him more later.

However, there is a chance that the Walmart clan may decide to make an offer that Wilson cannot and will not turn down before the start of the 2022 regular season. Again, doing so now will be cheaper than next year, and the terms may be so good for Wilson that he won’t want to take the risk. Being injured or cloud playing below the level he will bring next year.

Joe Borough.

His window on a new contract opens at the conclusion of the 2022 regular season. Burrow has already secured his second deal. And who knows? He could be the first young quarterback to get his second contract after the final of the regular season and before the start of the post-season, if the Bengals qualify for the playoffs again.

Burrow may face local pressure to “take less.” I hope he doesn’t. This privilege has changed. He deserves everything he can get. If they want to keep it for the long haul, they’ll have to change their ways – and they may already have done so, given that they are finally selling the naming rights to the stadiums.

However, it can be difficult to get a fully guaranteed deal, if owner Mike Brown simply can’t put a huge pile of cash into the escrow account. Burrow is perhaps the first quarterback to tie his compensation to a certain percentage of the cap. And so, as he goes up, he gets more — and his contract never gets old.

Justin Herbert.

Two great years, no break anchors. This does not matter. He was already considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. If the charger wanted to keep it, they would have to pay. Presumably after the 2022 season is over. If they don’t, someone else will be happy now or later.

Galen Hurts.

The Eagles have sent mixed signals, both publicly and privately, regarding their commitment to Herz. The commitment to the 2020 second-round pick appears to have been made when the Eagles traded for an AJ Brown receiver.

this is the question. Does Hurts deliberately take a second-tier deal to make sure the Eagles will always have a strong squad around them?

The fact that he wasn’t a pick in the first round will put him in the long run at his peak sooner than otherwise. It will be a free agent in March 2024, unless the Eagles apply the franchise mark. His performance this season will go a long way toward helping the Eagles determine his future value. The challenge then will be to get on the same page with Hurts.

Toa Tagoviloa.

It is also entering its third season. After it expires, he will be eligible for a new deal. It is the ultimate positive aspect of realizing his potential and taking full advantage of the help he will get from those around him.

However, if he does not advance, he could end up looking elsewhere for his second NFL contract, either if he is released after the 2022 season or if he becomes a free agent when his four-year rookie contract expires.

Baker Mayfield.

He’s on a one-year deal in Carolina. If he does well, the Panthers will definitely want to keep him. Others will be interested.

Surprisingly, Mayfield’s multi-million dollar haircut didn’t include a promise from the Panthers not to apply the franchise mark next year. If he surpasses his accomplishments this season, he may find himself banned from the open market by the tag.

Jimmy Garoppolo.

Unless he signs a long-term deal as part of a deal for a new team, Garoppolo will become a free agent in March. This makes it important for him to find a place to play – and play well – in 2022.

Daniel Jones.

The Giants did not make his choice in the fifth year. The 2019 Top-10 selection enters a contractual year. If he becomes the man the giants thought he would be three years ago, he’ll get a long-term deal or franchise tag.

Ryan Tanehill.

He has two years left on his current deal. He’s been absent from some off-season volunteer programs, perhaps in an effort to get an adjustment. After this season, the Giants may have to make a long-term decision. This may be one of the reasons why they recruit Malik Willis.

Matt Ryan.

He has two years on his contract, entering his first season with the Colts. If he plugs in, the team might want to give him a big pile of cash to make sure he’s going to be around for a few more seasons.

Tom Brady.

GOAT will be a free agent in 2023. He will be able to choose his next team, unrestricted and unrestricted. And with $37.5 million a year waiting for him from Fox, he’d be able to tell anyone who wanted him to keep playing, in order to get it, they’d have to pay more than he would have been to not actually play.

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