All new videos under 15 minutes on Instagram are now in reels

An image of the prompt to create a Reel on Instagram is displayed on the phone.  The Instagram logo can be seen in the background.

Is Instagram annoying all of its users away?
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In an effort to prevent TikTok from spreading yesterday’s news, Instagram is too Inclusion of TikTok-esque features on its users. If you don’t believe me, just wait until you open the app and see the new Reels avalanche on your way.

Thursday Instagram announce All new videos under 15 minutes are posted on the social network They will be shared as reels. Users will only be able to choose between IGTV for longer clips or reels for shorter clips. Instagram hasn’t revealed what we all suspect is the real reason it’s doing it—*Cough* The rise of TikTok *Cough*— instead he said this new update was made because Reels was a more “immersive and entertaining” format. Like TikTok, Reels allows user To record their own videos in the voice of another. They take up the entire screen during playback, while regular Instagram posts are smaller squares.

The company wrote in Blog post.

As a result, the application will integrate Reels and video tabs in user profiles in order to create a ‘one home’ for all videos.

Three screens showing how Instagram will now share videos as Reels are displayed.

In another nod to TikTok, where she is It can be said that it is easier For newcomers to go viral and build their audiences, Instagram said that people with public accounts will now be eligible to view and recommend their videos to more people. Before the change, only users who posted Reels under 90 seconds Benefited from additional amplification. Don’t worry, this only applies to public Instagram accounts. Private accounts will still only show Reels to followers.

Alongside the update to Reels’ post, Instagram has unveiled expanded tools for remixes, which is how the company refers to videos of reactions.. Over the next few weeks, users will be able to recombine public images to create reels or add their reaction after the initial video instead of side by side. The company also announced a feature called Dual, which allows users to record their content and record their reaction to their content at the same time using the front and back cameras of their phones, similar to TikTok’s Duet feature.

Now, I’m not against product innovation, but seeing Instagram Force Reels on people and shamelessly stealing ideas from TikTok makes a vein pop up in my temple. While I’m delighted at the Reels of Adorable cats that Instagram gives me in my feed, the fact that they are inevitable is annoying. I rarely go to watch reels on my own and I kind of don’t want to because they get pushed in my face. (No offense to children with precious fur.)

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