Yankees suffer double-headed sweep of Astros as Domingo German gets crushed

In a night of opportunities for confirmation, Domingo Germain only highlighted the question marks surrounding fifth place in the Yankees tournament with Luis Severino injured. Setting off against the Astros on the road on your first start away from the outing, but even for those who have tempered expectations, Germán’s first start in 2022 was a disappointment. The score was 5-0, Houston, after two rounds, this Astros jumped to a 7-5 win, a double-header sweep of the Yankees.

Jordan Alvarez certainly didn’t take any time to show he was fully back after a short spell on the injured list. Powerful DH Astros drove Germain deep into the field to open a 2-0 lead at the bottom of the first half thanks to a very dreary pitch.

Germann would only last three rounds in the game, allowing for five earned runs on six strikes (including Homer Alex Bergmann). The right-handed was unable to get into a groove through traffic from start to finish, and whether or not that was always the plan, his lack of height in the game opened up the possibility for the next man to take the crack at this fifth spot of the turn.

Called as the 27th man for this double header, JP Sears came in at the bottom of the fourth inning to give the Yankees some breathing with six innings left in the game. Even though he wasn’t having a goal-free night, she definitely looked a lot better compared to what Germane did.

The Sears kept the Astros off the scoreboard with their first two frames, and that gave the Yankees some time to get back into the game. Gleiber Torres hit a two-round shot into Crawford’s box at the top of the third inning making the score more manageable 5-2.

But in the bottom of the sixth, a single Sears foul—the only hit he allowed across three rounds—did as much damage as possible, essentially knocking the Yankees out of the ball game. Sears reached the bottom of the standings, hitting the Astros’ first baseman, JJ Matijevic, and proceeding to drop a two-run bomb to eighth-hole hitter, Chas McCormick, giving the Astros a 7-2 lead.

On the other side of the hill, Luis Garcia once again demonstrated the quality and depth of the Houston Astros’ spin. Garcia won his second start of the year against the Yankees, allowing only that second-round shot for Torres over five serviceable innings.

Aroldis Chapman got his hands on a run, and while the position is far from the high leverage points for the closest round, he got the job done with a two-stroke against the Astros’ system heart. Hopefully, with enough of these offerings, Chapman will build his confidence and slowly become able to contribute to larger positions. Same goes for Jonathan Loáisiga, who threw a perfect frame all by himself.

With Ryan Pressly on the paternity roster, and with the Astros using nearly all of the other high-leverage sedatives, the Yankees had a chance to launch against the middle and lower group of the Astros pen. However, McCormick’s two-run bomb made sure not to affect the outcome of the game.

At the bottom of Part Nine, the Yankees made things fun with the Mammoth Aaron Judge Triathlon running from a home race that sailed the train tracks, 410 feet away.

If nothing else, he has forced Dusty Becker to bring in Rafael Monteiro in the last two games. After Torres’ lead single for a score on the board, Matt Carpenter rooted in a double game that gave the Astros the win.

The Yankees suffered a sweep, not just in this double header but in this “two-part streak” that began with the independent game in Houston on June 30, with the Astros winning 2-1. The Yankees went 0-3 in Houston in the 2022 regular season and 2-5 as a whole. Houston has clearly outgrown them, and now the Yankees can’t help but sit back and wonder what would happen if they ended up facing them in October — a problem for another day, but one that will be on their minds for the rest of the season.

Next on the Yankees is three games in Baltimore against the Orioles 46-46. First pitch for Friday night’s opening is 7:05 p.m. ET, with Jameson Tylon facing Tyler Wells.

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