Raging mice brutally attack pigeons in the face of New York City

The streets of Zoo York got really rough.

A brutal video posted on social media on Monday shows a rat viciously attacking a pigeon – with the victim flapping its wings helplessly as hostile rodents drag it across the sidewalk.

Mouse ran under a car with the wounded bird in its mouth as the terrifying clip ended, leaving observers shocked to wonder what happened to the fallen pigeon.

‘Take his son under [vehicle] To kill him,” one of them replied. “That’s cool.”

The footage was then posted on Wednesday to the “What is New York” Instagram page, which has more than 1.3 million followers.

“Just a matter of time [before] We’re next,” stated in one answer that garnered over 1,000 likes.

Jesse Salinas, the Idaho-born artist who filmed the footage, told The Post he wasn’t worried the rat would change course and attack.
jessie.salinas / Instagram

Another observer noted that the showdown featured the “New York City Classic Match,” a battle between two iconic creatures of the city.

Another poignant response read: “New York’s mascots are fighting for the spotlight.”

But the pint-sized boxers should have known better because they are on “the same team,” as one Instagram user noted.

Some have insisted that viral footage depicting a kill-or-be-kill mentality in New York rivals content that appears in nature.

“Who needs a Discovery Channel when you’re walking the streets of New York!” One observer said.

One replied, “Facts.”

The rat attacks the pigeons
The footage of the attack was posted on the “What’s New York” Instagram page, which has more than 1.3 million followers.
jessie.salinas / Instagram

Another viewer insisted: “Damn, I think I’m shocked.”

The “New York Disaster” clip was posted on Instagram Monday by a user named Jesse Salinas, who told The Post he filmed the touching shots down the Brooklyn-Queens Highway in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.

Salinas, an artist from Idaho, said he wasn’t worried that the rat would change course and attack him.

He wrote: “No, not all.” “I was freaked out and amazed that my phone went out and I was recording before I knew it. I think it’s in our DNA these days.”

Salinas, 25, of Brooklyn, noticed how some people questioned why the pigeons weren’t saved — a suggestion he considers “funny,” he said.

“I don’t want to mess with that rat,” he wrote to The Post on Thursday.

Killing rats for pigeons in New York isn’t a new development, of course — an earlier epic street fight between species was captured in Brooklyn in 2020.

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