Patrick Mahomes on Orlando Brown: When it comes to money, I wouldn’t force anyone to do anything

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Head of mediators Patrick Mahomes reported to training camp on Friday, an athlete Kansas City Monarchs Jersey While he was rolling to start his sixth professional season.

But there is still some question as to whether or not his left-footed tackle will be present when he is due to present the rest of the squad’s veterans on July 26.

Orlando Brown Jr. and the president were unable to reach a long-term agreement by the July 15 deadline after Kansas City marked the concession on the left tackle in March. The organization is reportedly frustrated that Brown did not accept the club’s latest offer earlier this month.

But at least publicly, Mahomes doesn’t share the same sentiments.

“I talk to Orlando all the time. He and I have a great relationship,” Mahomes said at his Friday press conference. “Obviously we wanted the deal done, I’m sure he wanted the deal done and everything like that. But at the end of the day, we’ll go out there and play football. I’m excited to have him here and be part of the team again.”

This appears to indicate that Mahomes believes Brown will report to training camp, although Brown’s agent said last week that the line operator was still considering whether or not he would. When asked directly if he thought Brown would report, Mahomes basically said he didn’t know.

“Obviously I didn’t ask him of any such thing,” said Mahomes, “but you want him to be here only because of the man he is.” “He is a leader in this football team. But at the same time, when it comes to money, contracts and things like that, I wouldn’t force anyone to do anything because I know they are trying to provide for their family in the long run.

“But as a teammate and as a friend, you want him to be here and you want him to be a part of this because it’s always good when you’re here in St. Building and eat together and exercise together.”

Mahomes was also asked that Brown was not a true “team player”, and he strongly defended against him.

“I have no idea who said that,” Mahomes said. “He’s a great team player. He’s one of the smartest footballers I think I’ve ever played with. He has a high IQ. I remember even when he wasn’t in the OTAs, [he was] Just ask me questions. He’s watching the movie, he’s doing everything to make sure that when he steps in here, he’s ready to go. And I think that comes with his dad playing in the league – he’s been into sports his whole life. And you can ask anyone on this team, he’s one of the best players on this team, if not the best.”

The Chiefs acquired Brown from the Ravens in April 2021. He started 16 games with Kansas City last year and was selected to the Pro Bowl for the third time in a row.

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