Microsoft Teams outage: Here’s what happened

Microsoft 365

Microsoft said that the recent publication that included an “interruption of connectivity to the internal storage service” was the likely cause of the outage that left many users unable to access or use various Microsoft 365 apps for several hours.

The service issues, which began on the evening of Wednesday, July 20 and continued into Thursday morning, slowed or prevented access to several Microsoft services, including Microsoft Teams, Exchange Server, the Microsoft 365 admin center, Yammer, Microsoft Word and other Office applications. The issue also prevented automatic matching within Microsoft Managed Desktop and other services.

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Microsoft said that most of the available services were up and running as of this morning (July 21), although some services are still experiencing issues, meaning users may have difficulty accessing some Microsoft 365 services for the time being.

“We have determined that the latest posting contained a broken connection to an internal storage service, which had an impact,” Company Twitter.

We’ve determined that the recent post contained a broken connection to an internal storage service, which had an impact. We are working to direct traffic to a health service to mitigate the impact. Additional information can be found in the Administration Center under TM402718.

– Microsoft 365 Status (@MSFT365Status) July 21, 2022

“Service availability has mostly been restored with only a few features of the service still requiring attention. We will continue to monitor the service while the remaining procedures are complete.”

More update at lunchtime (BST) noted that services are almost completely back to normal, but the situation is still being monitored: “We believe the majority of services have recovered. We are continuing to monitor the issue to ensure there is no residual impact.” .

By noon (GMT), the Microsoft 365 Service health status page indicated that there was no longer an issue.

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According to Microsoft, the full list of affected services included:

  • Microsoft Teams (Access, Chat, and Meetings)
  • Exchange Online (Delayed sending mail)
  • Microsoft 365 admin center (unreachable)
  • Microsoft Word under multiple services (unable to load)
  • Microsoft Forms (unable to use via Teams)
  • Microsoft Graph API (Any service that depends on the API may be affected)
  • Office Online (problems accessing Microsoft Word)
  • SharePoint Online (problems accessing Microsoft Word)
  • Project Online (inaccessible)
  • PowerPlatform and PowerAutomate (inability to create environment with database)
  • Automatic corrections within Microsoft Managed Desktop
  • Yammer (Influence on Yammer Experiences)
  • Windows 365 (unable to provision cloud computers)

Microsoft has updated Microsoft 365 health status “Current status: Our remote tracking indicates service availability remains above 99% across most regions. Some users in the UK region may experience residual impact with certain features in Microsoft Teams. We”re Continue to monitor the service to ensure full recovery and apply targeted mitigation measures for any remaining impact.”

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