Miami news, notes, and quotes coming from ACC Kickoff

CHARLOTTE, NC – The Miami Hurricanes took their strides at the ACC kick-off event Thursday with coastal division teams gathering with the media.

Miami was represented by the head coach Mario Cristobalquarterback Tyler Van Dyketight end Will Malloryand defensive end Jafri Harvey At the event and what follows are notes from the group that will begin the 2022 football season, the first of UM’s Cristobal era.

Hurricanes are scheduled to begin soccer practice on Friday, August 5.

Read on for news, notes, and quotes from Miami Time at ACC Kickoff.

News & Notes

Miami coach Mario Cristobal He is looking forward to instilling discipline in Miami as head coach because he believes that translates to on the pitch. “I just think that the way we live and run our day-to-day operations is important, whether it’s in class, the way we train, the way we train, the way we do community service commitments, we have to create DNA and a way of life. Do you really want that Be about that life?This is a life for people who are obsessed with doing things to succeed. They will have to sacrifice family time, events, and things that people enjoy in the natural world. It just doesn’t work that way in this world. The greater part is understanding that our biggest work has to be done between the ears. With our mentality and our approach. This always gives us the best chance of success… A team without discipline has no chance of winning.” The Hurricanes ranked 108th overall in the country while committing 7.25 penalties per game.

– Cristóbal on instilling discipline in Miami: “All these things are tied together. If you tell a guy that it’s not important to go to class on time, but it is important to stay behind the line of scrimmage and not jump off the sneak, you’re talking from both sides of your mouth. Everything matters. There are no small things. If it is a thing, it is a big thing.”

– QB Tyler Van Dyke She was convinced by the culture that Cristobal established in Miami. “You don’t win matches with hype,” Van Dyck said. “It’s all about working hard, being disciplined and playing hard.”

– Redshirt OL . student Ryan Rodriguez He will be the only player who could completely miss the start of camp on August 5th, according to the coach Mario Cristobal. Every other player is expected to train in some way during camp. Miami had nearly 20 players off the football team in the spring due to various injuries that required off-season surgery to clean up.

Third-year red girl RB Don Chaney’s freshman sustained a knee injury in Game Two of the 2021 season and lost contact during Spring Football Month. Cristobal says the talented rider, a former four-star recruit, is ready to start fall camp. “He’s really changed his approach to conditioning and attacking things that he needs to be able to withstand the rigors of being an elite retreat. It’s time to get up in that room and part of that is being counted on after that. We’re going to keep pushing him even harder because we think he has tremendous potential” .

– Cristobal is excited to see the competition waning between Chaney, Jaylan KnightonOle Miss Transfer Henry ParishAnd the Thad Franklinand novice student TreVonte’ Citizen. “It’s about who gets what,” Cristobal said. “You need that many struts nowadays. These guys are solid, but they take big hits and you have to be able to throw different pitches into defences. If you just throw fast balls, you’ll hit from the park. All these guys bring different styles of running, But they are all hungry and very excited. We feel we are loaded there in the right way and not overburdened. We can attack teams with these guys.”

– LB . student Wesley Besanthe He did not play in the spring game due to a “light soft tissue” injury, according to Cristobal. He was expected to be full to go to fall camp and there were no restrictions on him during the summer.

– OL John Campbell It would be a perfect start to the fall camp start. Cristobal views him as a versatile, linear man who can play as either intervention or guard. “It looks great,” Cristobal said. “He will be a great player for us. We coach everyone because you never know how it will go.”

Cristobal loves what he’s seen so far from Miami’s offensive line, but he will always ask for more from that group. “Progress has been made, but there are still ways to go,” Cristobal said. “We have to keep coming. [The offensive line] They are a really good group of guys. They are great learners and have experience. They’ve really taken the basics and the techniques we apply. We are developing their strength, so that they can play with strength. When you can get your hands inside, move your feet, and open your hips, it feels good for an offensive lineman. Their commitment to getting better has appeared in the spring and shown in the summer. We train these guys really hard because it’s hard to get that group to work with five guys as one. There is no middle ground there.”

Since the end of spring football, Miami has received three additional transfers on the defensive line in the DL Achim Masidor (6-3, 275) from West Virginia, De Mitchell the best (6-4, 250) from the University of California, DL Daryl Jackson (6-6, 300) from Maryland. Cristobal says he wants to see the new additions in action in the pads before he gets too caught up in them, but is excited about the depth they will provide to the defensive line. “These are large explosive objects that join some large explosive objects,” Cristobal said. “There was no depth when we arrived. Nobody. You have to be able to beat the line of scrimmage… In this conference, you have an incredible midfielder, and if you can’t rush into the middle, you’re cooked. These additions are in addition to the development of our guys. , We’ll see “.

– Van Dyck expects Miami, who ranked 97th in the country with an average of 127 yards per game and 3.69 yards per carry, to improve in this new offensive system that coordinates Josh Gates It is installed. “In the past year, we’ve only had one healthy enemy,” Van Dyck said. “Coach Cristobal and coach Gatiss are really focused on the game of running and I think that will open up the passing game. We tried to throw the ball 40 times in the game last year and it was too difficult.”

Miami will need to replace the two biggest wide receivers of the 2021 season with Charleston Rambo And the Mike Harley Go to follow NFL jobs. Van Dyke is confident that someone in the reception room will step up, but he wants to see who makes that move during fall camp. “I think Key’Shawn Smith can come forward and I think Xavier Restrepo Could have been a safety blanket for me in the slot. I think the tight ends with Will Mallory And the Elijah Arroyo Will factor in too. Lots of guys have the potential to step up and we’ll see who does.”

– Van Dyck admitted that he is looking forward to playing with his opponent Florida State after losing to Seminole 31-28 in Tallahassee last season: “It was a disappointing loss. We went up 28-20 late in the game, but everything is going as it should, He created a monster in us by bringing in coach Cristobal and this crew. I can’t wait for that game at Hard Rock Stadium.”

– Van Dijk says he can distinguish the physical strength of this year’s team compared to the 2021 Hurricanes team. “It’s emphasized a lot more now,” Van Dijk said.

– Van Dyck is confident UM’s running game will improve in 2022: “We didn’t have keepers pulling guards, pulling tackles, plotting the gap last year. It was just inside the area and it didn’t do well. We had to rely on throwing the ball a lot, so I’m excited for the running match and to be more balanced.”

Cristóbal is not interested in commenting publicly on the reorganization of the conference at this point. “What we’ve seen is if you take care of your work in this conference, you’ll have post-season and championship opportunities,” Cristóbal said. “The Miami brand is very strong and we know there will be a change, but I remain confident that Miami will always be in a good position because of the brand.”

– Cristobal in Turnover Chain is no longer part of UM: “I don’t judge, but it’s not what we’re doing here… We don’t do it and we don’t use it. This has been kind of known for a while. It’s not a blow to anyone, but it’s not our culture.” “.

– Van Dyke on the Turnover Chain: “I’ve never been a big fan of these things because sometimes we got the pick and we threw it and we still lost. Sometimes it just didn’t make sense. Other times when it was a big turnover, it was hype and cool, And all that. Right now we’re just focused on winning and working.”

– TE Will Mallory At a different level of investment Mario Cristobal He receives as head coach in Miami: “The support that coach Cristobal gets now is different compared to what I have seen in the past. Getting the financial support is huge because once coach Cristobal got here, the situation changed from day one. It’s the new locker rooms and new facilities, it’s a group It’s exciting. It’s great to see the players who are looking forward to coming here because Miami has everything you want.”

Mallory has recovered from a torn left labrum that pulled him out of spring soccer. “It feels really good,” Mallory said. “The recovery time has been impressive and I feel confident in it. I hope I have good shoulders now and they will keep me going for a while.”

– D Jafri Harvey RB . thought Jaylan Knighton He is one of the most underrated players in the ACC this year: “I think he’s one of the best defenders in the country. He’s a great player. The way he moves and the way he moves fast. He’s a nightmare in space. I’m sure he’ll get that.” The year gets a lot of the attention it deserves.”

– Cristóbal on Miami’s commitment to investing and providing competitive facilities and resources in major college football: “The commitment was made. As much as I wanted to be here, there had to be a commitment and it had to be real. It can’t be just a wish, a hope and a prayer.” Fortunately, everyone agrees and understands that in order to be a great football team, you have to take steps with facilities and investment.”

— Cristóbal on the momentum of recruiting in Miami now: “I think people are starting to realize that when Miami is working, there’s nothing like it. I’m not saying we’re there nor announcing anything, but we know that when it’s in a certain way, it’s not like anything else out there. When there, we’ll work our way, we won’t advertise our way, we won’t tweet our way, we don’t tag our way, we don’t do work there step by step… It’s hard to find a group like Miami that provides education in a private school, in a big city, You play football in the big league. We are lucky, but we just want to get down to business.”

– Cristóbal on Joint Defense Coordinator and Linebacker Coach Charlie Strong: “He’s a great professional and an elite human being. We wanted a guy with championship experience at the college level and the NFL, if possible. He can connect with young people and is willing to consume himself with his career.”

– Cristóbal if worried about Miami and Neil Neil: “I think we’ve got a very high profile alumni who are great supporters and everything we do in Miami is compliant and going through compliance. From that side, you don’t have to worry.”

– Cristobal says they are working on a system that will allow former players to attend matches on the sidelines. “We need to nurture our graduates. Our graduates always need to feel appreciated. A lot of us played in Miami because of the graduates.”

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