Introducing new ways to collaborate and create with reels

Today, we’re announcing new features on Instagram that make collaborating, creating and sharing reels more fun and easy.

More ways to collaborate with Remix enhanced features

We’re expanding our tools for Remix to help improve the way you tell stories on Instagram when collaborating with your favorite creators and friends, including:

  • Photo remix: Photos are central to the Instagram experience. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to remix public photos. This gives you unlimited inspiration to create your own unique reel.
  • Extended remix layouts: Choose from green screen, horizontal or vertical split screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view to add your own video commentary to existing reels.
  • Add your clip: Do you have a hot experience? Instead of your remix appearing at the same time as the original reel, you can now add your clip after the original clip so that it plays sequentially.

Easily create reels using templates and duplexes

We want everyone to be able to easily express their creative ideas, so we’re adding more features that let you capture, edit, and share them – right from your phone.

  • Templates: Do you need a few ideas? Templates allow you to easily create reels by preloading Audio and clip placeholders, so you can simply add your own photos or videos. You can find template ideas through Clicking on the camera icon in the Reels tab.
  • Double: Record your content and your reaction at the same time. You can record with your phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously to share another perspective using Instagram’s dual camera feature.

Image showing the template selection screen on Instagram when remixing an image.

New video posts will be shared on Instagram as reels

As reels provide a more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos on Instagram, we bring these creative tools and a full screen experience to your video posts as well. In the coming weeks, new video posts under 15 minutes will be shared as reels. Videos posted before this change will remain as videos and will not become reels.

  • Discovery: If you have a public account, your new videos – now in reels – may be eligible to be recommended to more people on Instagram. This currently applies to reels of less than 90 seconds in length. If your account is private, your reels will continue to be shown only to your followers.
  • Profile personly: We will also integrate the video and Reels tab on your profile, so there will be one home for all your videos.

An image showing Reels' new home on Instagram and a description of how videos are now shared as reels.

We’re always working on ways to improve your Instagram experience. We will continue to build the features that make it Easier and more fun to create and share reels on Instagram.

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