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Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed on social media that a new update with new content for GT7 It will come during the week of July 25th.

Announcement and update come on schedule, with every content update so far coming in the last week of the month. This July update will be the fourth release in a row.

Besides confirming the update and its timing, Yamauchi has posted a teaser image of the vehicles coming to the game and although it follows the usual approach, it is slightly different from the one he posted from the start GT Sport updates.

While “silhouette” ads show the cars side by side, this time they are arranged in a single-shot triangle. Importantly, this indicates that three cars each month – as with the April, May and June updates – will be the standard for GT7 to go forward.

It’s a pretty eclectic mix this month. What most fans can easily recognize is in the lower right corner, which appears to be a 1982/3 Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette.

Based on the R30 Skyline Turbo C generation, the Super Silhouette was built by Nissan to Group 5 regulations for the Fuji Grand Championship Series, and raced by Masahiro Hasemi. She was a fan favorite after her appearance in Gran Turismo 2, but hasn’t been seen since.

The car in front appears to be the Maserati A6GCS Spider that won the GT award at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Officially known as the A6GCS/53, the car was developed by Medardo Fantuzzi of the early A6GCS race cars, in order to compete in the World Championship Sportscar.

The bottom left car is hard to identify, but it appears to be a Porsche 918 Spyder. This will be the second of the “Hypercar Holy Trinity” in GT7after the Ferrari LaFerrari that debuted in GT Sport; The McLaren P1 is also technically in the game, but just like the P1 GTR.

Other than the three cars, there is no current information on what might come in the update. We strongly doubt the track will soon be over, as there is still a gaping hole in the final round of the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup. Since that’s happening in late August, we may have to wait until the last week of next month to find out what that is.

Among other things, players will still hope to be able to sell cars to participate in the game. This is a function that was specifically referenced in the early roadmap of GT7 It also comes in the “near term” but has not yet materialized. Problems with lobbies – including the ability to save and load settings and connection stability – are also a high priority.

Keep an eye on the GTPlanet forums for more information about the update, including the exact date, when we got it.

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