Donovan Mitchell tweet, Utah radio host sends Twitter frenzy over Knicks trade

So… do we have a final deal? New York Knicks fans would like to hope so, but that’s how the NBA works. It’s an ongoing drama no matter if there is a real solution.

For months, there was speculation about a Knicks Jazz deal for star player Donovan Mitchell, and that has accelerated dramatically over the past three weeks after Utah replaced Rudy Gobert and turned the market on its head.

The Knicks are in the market for a star player, so the match seems reasonable, but not with Danny Inge as the competing CEO in that scenario. The former manager of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics is on the hunt for his prized “assets” once again and is said to be soliciting an unholy set of recruits in exchange for Mitchell.

Not to underestimate Mitchell’s talent, but New York will affect the organization if they absorb its depth, trade in someone like RJ Barrett, or deal with every Ainge-demanding future asset for a three-time All-Star.

Then again, Knicks fans would be elated if he came to the Big Apple… so anything Mitchell says or does is held in more respect due to the stakes of the situation, which is why Twitter when he tweeted this:

The Twitter Knicks went crazy over Donovan Mitchell’s tweet and took away the Utah Sports Radio host

As you can imagine, everyone started to believe that the trade was nearing the finish line, with only a few signatures remaining and the final details to be combed through. Classic stuff.

But, for once, in defense of dramas, this was not a stand-alone position. Mitchell’s tweet wasn’t the only thing that led fans to believe that something might be in the works. A few hours later, Utah Sports Radio host Patrick Kinahan claimed that he was “receiving texts that the Mitchell deal was done” and that it would be announced soon.

He said it on the air and then told everyone “These are just texts and I haven’t confirmed them.” OK! Thanks, my friend.

Knicks was front and center here, which would lead many to assume the “deal ended” would be with New York. Then again, the organization seemed a bit reluctant to bow to Ainge’s demands, another element in this whole thing that makes him confusing.

All that’s left to do is sit back and watch Twitter burn to the ground before anything actually happens.

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