Craving bread? Try this instead – eat this and not that

Carbs don’t have to be the enemy. You actually need them to have a balanced diet. However, some carbohydrates (such as certain types of bread) can damage your waistline, blood sugar, and other health issues. Although bread is a carb that can certainly fit into a healthy diet, you may still look for alternatives when cravings flare up. When looking for these healthy alternatives to wheat bread, you’ll want to look for options that don’t have tons of sugar, fat, salt, and more unhealthy ingredients.

When you really need a good piece of bread, or something similar, what should you look for? we talked with Amy Shapiro, MS, RD About her top recommendations for bread swaps.

Her first choice is Grain-free bread.

“Enjoying a grain-free bread that toasts and tastes like bread but made with almond flour will fill you up and prevent blood sugar spikes,” says Shapiro.

Another benefit of choosing grain-free bread besides managing your blood sugar is to help manage IBD. In addition, grain-free bread is also a great choice for those without gluten. This is because some grains are sources of gluten. Gluten is a protein that can cause digestive discomfort in sensitive individuals. Therefore, eating grain-free cereals can reduce the risk of potential digestive problems.

If you’re making the switch to grain-free bread, a few of Shapiro’s favorite brands include Base Culture, Unbun, Siete Foods Tortillas, and Plantiful Kitchen.

However, if grain-free bread just doesn’t cut it for you, Shapiro has another option: Switch to healthy carbohydrates.

“If you crave carbs but don’t want bread, which often has additional ingredients and is highly processed, I recommend enjoying healthy carbs like whole grains like rice, quinoa, farro, sweet potatoes, and yams,” Shapiro.

According to Shapiro, this can give your body what it craves and fill that void.

Choosing other whole grains is a great alternative to white bread because it contains three parts of the grain, all of which are nutrient-dense and full of fiber.

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When it comes to sweet potatoes, they are great for keeping you full and energized for longer because they are slow to digest. Similar to whole grains, sweet potatoes are packed with fiber. They also contain nutrients and are great for burning fat thanks to their high vitamin content. Vitamins consist of A, C and B6.

Also, similar to grain-free bread, these swaps may help stabilize blood sugar levels due to their antioxidant properties coming from the carotenoids. These options may also reduce insulin resistance.

By making these switches, you not only benefit your body in more ways in one way, but you crush those cravings at the source. So, the next time you’re thinking of eating a slice of unhealthy bread, think about what else you can eat instead!

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