Boston’s new market nuggets are not nuggets, Damt

A piece of chicken on a fork

picture: Dennis Lee

In the past few years, when chicken sandwiches have had a boom and bust and chicken wings have become too popular to keep in stock, chicken nuggets have made a somewhat unexpected comeback. last year, Popeyes made a big deal One of the first pieces of chicken added to the menu (despite the fact that the restaurant used to have chicken Tenders this whole time). KFC now chicken nuggets for the first time, a product suspiciously similar to popcorn chicken. And now the Boston market is fully integrated at the height of the hard-block rush, too. The restaurant chain recently released what it calls Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets, and if you think hard about it, you’ll give yourself a headache.

What are the grilled chicken nuggets in Boston Market?

When you picture chicken nuggets, I suppose you, like me, think of small, portable pieces of poultry that are fried or breaded. But Boston Market has a slightly different presentation, which is literally just pieces of chicken breast cut into uneven pieces, seasoned and pressed onto a tray. monitor:

Chicken pieces in a tray

picture: Dennis Lee

The name cubed chicken breast “nuggets” is pretty bold, if you ask me. It’s just cursed chicken pieces. But then I suppose if you market them as “seasoned chicken nuggets”, customers will probably not be interested in buying them. You need the attraction of the word “solid mass”. The allure of the term is so delicious that it’s impossible to resist.

Boston Market “nuggets” (I can’t use that word without quotes to describe these!) come in two types, signature and lane. There is no description of what “signature” actually means. I suspect grilled chicken nuggets are seasoned with the same harmless, just-appropriate blend of herbs and spices as grilled chicken. The spicy kind is supposed to be at least a little hot.

Rotisserie Nuggets at our local Boston market come with eight chicken breasts, one side, dipping sauce, and a drink for $9.29. (Big order is 12 pieces at $11.79.) My fiancée and I have ordered both, and my first reaction when I stared at them was to just let out a sigh of relief before I moved on.

How do rotisserie nuggets taste?

The signature grilled chicken nuggets were salty, dry, stringy and bland. We paired them with our “special” dipping sauce (I didn’t even know Boston Market It was dipping sauces), which tasted a lot Cane’s Raising Sauce, but with a little more consistency. Even with a decent sauce, eating was a chore. You’ve all eaten baked chicken breasts before, so congratulations! You already know the taste of grilled chicken nuggets.

Hot nuggets were pretty much the same: chewy, salty, and dry, without the kick. We paired those with Smoke Flame Sauce, which tasted like a mildly spicy blend of our signature dipping sauce plus BBQ sauce. Again, the sauce was good, and the chicken was terrible. Hey, at least the sides were absolutely delicious. I am a big fan of the macaroni and cheese restaurant in the Boston Market, along with the spinach.

If I look like I’m whining, it’s because I A.m A little skeptical about these things. When you go out to eat, even if it’s fast food, I think part of the fun is that you get to eat something that doesn’t taste like your own cooking. I could have stayed home, overcooked some chicken breasts too much and salted them, and cooked a box of mac and cheese in the microwave on my own, thank you very much.

From a Boston market perspective, I fully understand the need to keep up with other chains. Everyone has nuggets. Maybe if you don’t, you’ll look kind of like sagging. But here’s the thing: Nobody visits the Boston market in search of coins to begin with. You want this comfort food with meat and potatoes, which the chain is much better at doing with regular rotisserie chicken. I guess the main problem is that these little bits remind me of my cooking at its worst, and why on earth would I want to pay for that?

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