Al-Nusour Training Camp 2022: 10 Attacking Players to Watch

We are less than a week away from the start of Eagles Boot Camp.

A bird report on camp at NovaCare Complex on Tuesday with the first practice of the summer scheduled for the following day.

Every year, I go to a training camp with a list of players that I want to watch very carefully. This doesn’t necessarily mean the best or most important players, but players have some added plots for different reasons.

Here are 10 attacking players to watch this summer:

WR Devon Allen

The 27-year-old receiver was a controversial new DQ in the 110-meter hurdles at the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Allen handled it in stride but seemed to be cheated by this exclusion. If he wants to make the Eagles’ 53-player roster, he’ll need to get all of that out of his head pretty quickly. This is a really uphill battle for the world hurdles player who hasn’t played competitive football since 2016. His best college season was with the Oregon Ducks in 2014.

This is clearly one of the most interesting events of the training camp. Allen has Olympic speed but there are questions about how that translates to the football field after years of being away from him. Allen was impressed by the Eagles, who ran 4.35 at Pro Day in Oregon this spring, and there is no downside to bringing him into camp. Eagles are taking a bullet in the dark here. If it doesn’t work, there’s no harm in that. If so, the Eagles have found a cheap way to add some elite speed to their roster at pickup and return points.

TE JJ Arcega-Whiteside

The former second-round receiver has officially switched places this season. He will enter this boot camp as a tight end, having gained additional weight in an effort to turn this situation around. After three disappointing seasons in the NFL, it seems unlikely that JJAW will live up to his draft as the 57th overall pick. The ship has sailed. This position switch is all about trying to extend his career and stay. With it, it faces a very steep ascent to make up the menu.

This does not mean that it will not be interesting to watch. While JJAW’s chances of making the list aren’t great, it would be great to see how far he has come in such a short period of time as a tight end. Arcega-Whiteside was previously listed at 6-2, 225 pounds but the Eagles already scored it at 237 pounds to go to this bootcamp. Will there be a noticeable difference once camp starts? When the player changes positions, it is interesting to watch his progress. Although many fans are ready to ditch JJAW – I get it – I want to see how it performs this summer.

WR AJ Brown

Arguably the Eagles’ biggest addition this off season. The Eagles traded for Brown on draft night, then awarded the former Titans a four-year, $100 million contract extension, making him one of the highest paid in the NFL. In Philly, Brown will meet his best friend, quarterback Galen Hurts. The two became close on a recruiting visit many years ago and have remained close. They’ve worked together before but playing on the same team will still be an adjustment. Heck, Hurts and DeVonta Smith were actually teammates before and there was still a sense of descent between the two last season.

Brown (6-1, 226) is a unique player in the NFL. It’s big and powerful but it’s also fast and fast. He’s one of those big-bodied guys who just don’t have the right to be as fast as he is. If you’ve watched a lot of Titans over the past three seasons, you know how much fun this guy is going to have to watch. He’s a YAC machine and it would be great to see what his role in Nick Sirianni’s offense looks like. I expect Siriani will be making tailor-made plays for Brown and I think we’ll see him working out and gambling at some times this year.

WR Britain Coffee

In any other team without a world-class hurdler, Kofi would be the most exciting story in the reception room. The receiver/returning guy in Utah is a 25-year-old older rookie, having missed two college seasons on important trips. He is only 5 feet 8 and 173 pounds tall. Kofi is the second lightest player on the list. But forget his size and age for a moment and just look at what Kofi did in Utah. He was a good receiver but was a dynamic comeback guy who took four balls and one kick back to land.

In his college career, Kofi had 184 catches for 2011 yards with 11 touchdowns. He also averaged 11.9 yards per kick-back and 25.4 yards per kick-back. He was an exciting electro-athlete in college, but he went without an industry. Will his collective success translate to the NFL? I can’t wait to find out.

LG Landon Dickerson

This time last year, Dickerson was put on the list of active/non-football related injuries thanks to a ruptured ACL in college. With a laundry list of injuries to his college career, it was fair to question the gamble he took with the 37th overall pick. But Dickerson ended up with a really impressive rookie season. He got out of the NFI before the final cuts and ended up starting 13 games. While the Eagles loved his versatility when they picked him up, Dickerson played so well in the left guard that the Eagles don’t move him. He has officially taken over the job of Isaac Sumalo.

Dickerson, 23, got off to a rough start when he was thrown into the fire last year, but that’s understandable. He was coming off a serious injury and missed the entire training camp. But he got a lot stronger as the junior season went on, and now I’m excited to watch him on his first full NFL boot camp. The 6-6, 333-pound Dickerson is the heck of an athlete and seeing him next to Jordan Mailata every day this summer should be a treat.

QB Jalen Hurts

duh. All eyes will always be on the middle. But it is even more true when QB is not well established. It’s easy to forget due to his poor performance in the knockout match, but Hurts did some good things in his first full year at the start of 2021. He was definitely better last year than he had in his limited playing time in 2020. But also it wasn’t progress Linearly throughout his first season as a rookie. There were good games and bad games. And there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Hurts needs to keep improving.

2022 Hurts will enter Season 2 in the same offensive system for the first time since high school. The Eagles came out and traded for his best friend, who also happens to be a Pro Bowl receiver. The Eagles were ranked 25th in passing offense in the NFL last year but they are hoping to do much better in 2022. Pain will be a big part of that.

RB Jason Huntley

We know that the top three linebackers for the Eagles are Miles Sanders, Kenny Jenwell and Boston Scott. They may have kept only three on their list of 53 men. But if the Eagles want to keep four players racing, there could be a really fun fight between Huntley and UDFA Kennedy Brooks. While there is a lot to like about Brooks, we know Huntley will be impressive this summer because he was dynamic during last year’s camp. Huntley can perfectly fly, and his skill set puts him in a position to really stand out for summer practice.

At the last boot camp, it seemed that every time Huntley touched the ball, he had the opportunity to hit 50 yards. He’s done it a few times this summer and could secure a spot on the list.

C Cam Jurgens

The Eagles managed to convince Jason Kelsey to return for another season – credit Nick Siriani and a barrel of beer – but they also drafted his replacement. The Eagles used the 51st overall on Jurgens outside Nebraska. Usually, watching center play isn’t very exciting, but Jurgens was the center that reminded the Eagles of Kelsey the most. At 6-3, 303 pounds, Jurgens isn’t the biggest guy in the position but he’s very athletic and moves very well. So, all those standout lumps that made Kelsey a fan favorite? The Eagles think Jurgens will eventually be able to fill those shoes.

Aside from just watching Jurgens play with the second team during training camp, it will also be fun to watch his interactions with Kelce. In a very limited viewing window at OTAs, we’ve already seen Jurgens and Kelce form a connection. Every time he stopped in training, we would see Jurgens absorb as much information as possible from his legendary teammate.

RG Isaac Sumalo

We talked about Dickerson earlier and how he solidified himself as the Eagles’ left-hander. That left Seumalo without a position but the Eagles gave the veteran their first slot in winning the right-keeper job. As long as he’s medically cleared at that point – he’s out of a Lisfranc injury – then Seumalo will line up to be the right first-team goalkeeper.

After struggles early in his career, Seumalo turned into a strong player but struggled to stay healthy. Seumalo has played in just 12 games over the past two years and has only one full season in his six years in the NFL. Now 28, Seumalo is being asked to flip sides of the streak but it will still be a start if he performs well this summer.

QB Carson Strong

The Eagles spent crazy money on their unwritten class in 2022 and nobody got more than Strong. The Nevada quarterback earned a signing bonus of $20,000 and $320,000 in guaranteed money. The Eagles lured him to Philadelphia. Strong (6-3, 226) was once seen as a first-round draft pick, but the long list of injuries to his right knee, dating back to high school, has left him unpolished. This knee is an obvious concern.

But Strong has talent. In 2021, he completed 70% of his passes for 4,175 yards with 36 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He has a shotgun for the arm. Possibly the No. 3 quarterback for the Eagles with a chance to be their reserve in 2023.

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