2022 PUP tracker for NFL training camp: Saints ‘Michael Thomas and Jets’ Mekhi Becton among 15 players sidelined

Training camps are taking place around the NFL, but some teams are already battling big-name injuries. The League announced Thursday that 15 players have been placed on a list of physically unable to perform (PUP), which means they are ineligible to train due to the injuries they suffered before camp. Players in the PUP can be activated during camp at any time until the season, but if they stay on the sidelines once they’ve finished rosters, they must miss at least four matches.

Here is a summary of all 15 players placed in the PUP this week:

Patriots RB James White (Hip): The reserve veteran, who has made a frequent pass outside New England’s backcourt during his career, has missed all but three games after being relegated early in 2021. Signed a two-year $5 million extension this off season.

Saints WR Michael Thomas (Ankle): Reportedly, the former All-Pro was He is expected to train early from camp, but this may indicate otherwise. He was one of the best possession goals in the game, and he missed nine games in 2020 and all of 2021 while recovering from a sprained ankle.

WR Dillon Stoner Raiders (Unannounced): The 2021 rookie is vying for a reserve role for the second year in a row.

TCG Uzuma aircraft (Undisclosed): The former Bengals star, who signed a three-year, $24 million deal this off-season, has hurt himself during the OTAs. He previously missed 14 games in 2020 due to a ruptured Achilles tendon.

TE Giants Daniel Bellinger (Quartet): The starters’ fourth-round draft was expected to challenge a big role in the rebuilding offense in New York.

Gates OT Mekhi Becton (Knee): Drafted 11th overall in 2020, the big left tackle missed all but one in 2021, in which he was said to have suffered cartilage damage in his knee.

OG Drew sublime aircraft (Undisclosed): The former Vikings reserve did not appear in the 2021 match.

Patriots C David Andrews (Shoulder): The veteran goalkeeper, who has run the heart of the New England streak since 2015, missed four games in 2020 and played through pain throughout 2021, before undergoing surgery early this year.

Saints de Marcus Davenport (Shoulder, finger): The former top player missed five games in 2020 and six games in 2021 due to lingering shoulder issues, which were addressed by surgery this year. Part of his pinky finger was also amputated.

Gates de Carl Lawson (first leg): The former Bengals star, who signed a lucrative deal last season, missed the entirety of 2021 due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. He’s ready to pair up with rookie Jermaine Johnson II off the edge when he returns to the field.

Falcons LB Deion Jones (Shoulder): The former Pro Bowler underwent off-season surgery.

Patriots LB Reacon Macmillan (Knee): The reserve veteran missed 2021 completely after suffering an ACL tear.

CP Patriots Jonathan Jones (Shoulder): The reserve full-back missed 11 games in 2021 and recently underwent surgery.

The Patriots S Gabriel Peppers (Ankle and Knee): The former Browns and Giants player suffered a ruptured ACL and an ankle sprain in 2021, and missed 11 games before hitting the free agency this off-season.

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