“You’ve been rooting for me”

With UFC Fight Night 208 only days away, Jon Jones wasn’t happy with recent comments made by one of the event’s hosts, Curtis Blades.

“John doesn’t have one knockout power or experience in a five-round tournament, which is why he would lose to Stipe,” Jones wrote. “Brother, you seem literally silly.”

The concern stems from a recent interview where in the lead-up to Saturday’s main event against Tom Aspinal, the Blades were asked about a possible confrontation between Jones and Stipe Miocic and how he thinks it will go.

“John, he didn’t show the power of his one-punch knockout punch,” Blaydes told MMA Fighting. “What he’s showing, he’s very creative. He’ll hit you with elbows, knees, hangovers, and all kinds of different things. Even on the floor, he’s aggressive. He looks for requests. He’s looking to drop elbows. He brings a lot to the table, but the most important thing he doesn’t have is strength.” I think that’s always the equivalent.

“I would choose Stipe to win this. Just because he fought five-round heavyweight fights a few times and showed one punch when he sent off Fabricio. [Werdum]When Alistair was expelled [Overeem].

In a pair of follow-up tweets, Jones took a few more hits at the Blaydes.

“That’s for real, man talking about being in the top five since 2018 like that’s a good thing.”

He later added, “Focus on your fight this weekend kid, you’ve been rooting for me for years now. I see you. Hate won’t push you to be a hero. Less hate, more work.”

Jones hasn’t competed since February 2020, when he unanimously beat Dominic Reyes. After a long feud with a year contract with the UFC, Jones vacated his light heavyweight title and announced the transition to heavyweight. Since then, Jones has been preparing for his debut in the division, which is expected in late 2022 against heavyweight champion Miocic or Frances Ngannou.

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