Google announces Android voice switch for Pixel Buds Pro

Google Fast Pair is a great feature that we often find ourselves using on Android devices. It makes pairing and switching between phones and tablets a little easier, even if it’s still an issue. To change that, Google is introducing a new technology introduced back at Google I/O 2022 called Voice Switching that complements the Fast Pair feature already on Pixel Buds Pro and more devices on the way.

While multi-point pairing improves the Bluetooth audio experience in Android, it doesn’t take away the aches and pains that come with trying to play an audio switch to another device.

Let’s say you are listening to music on your Pixel 6 Pro using paired earphones; You have also been paired with another Android tablet with the same earbuds. If you want to listen to a video you’ve pulled up on the tablet, you have to pause the music and play the video on a separate device, hoping the audio will start and shift.

The earbuds are paired with both devices, but there is still some effort on your part to switch from one device to the other. This is a very common problem with Bluetooth earbuds.

With the launch of the Pixel Buds Pro next week, Google is also rolling out a new technology that is supposed to alleviate this problem completely. The company’s new Android voice-switching technology will take it out of the equation, essentially, and take care of switching audio from one device to another. When an important sound comes on your tablet while listening from your Android device, Pixel Buds Pro will instantly switch the output and select the tablet.

This does not mean that every single vote will result in a key. Instead, Fast Pair-Based technology will use contextual information to determine which sounds you need to turn on Android’s Voice Switching. Notification sounds won’t do that, but the incoming phone call will be important enough for Pixel Buds Pro to change which device is sending the sound.

In the event that Google’s machine learning is not properly understood, a notification will appear for each key and on both devices. This notification is there so you can undo the switch and continue listening on your favorite device simply by tapping on the notification.

Google also stated that while the Pixel Buds Pro will be the first pair of earbuds to see this new technology, the selection of JBL and Sony earbuds will be compatible in the coming weeks. There is no mention of these earbud models having effects yet.

This new feature is rolling out as of today, and as we mentioned, it will arrive on the Pixel Buds Pro first. Let us know in the comments if you see the new feature of Pixel Buds Pro and how well it works.

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