Darren Till won’t corner Chris Curtis at UFC London

Darren Till won’t be fighting at UFC Fight Night 208, and now he won’t be working as a man of war either.

The wheels were turning to corner Chris Curtis, the fighter he replaced on the card, but even he changed his mind. Thiel originally agreed to walk with Curtis in the match against Jack Hermanson, but revealed on Thursday that he decided not to do so because it would be “disrespectful”.

“I’m not going to corner Chris this weekend at UFC London, I feel it would be disrespectful to the whole situation after pulling out of the fight and then back into the fight corner,” Thiel wrote. Twitter statement. “I wish Chris the best of luck, he is a fit guy and we trained together and he can do good things, I also wish Jack the best of luck in a good fight between the two guys. I also look forward to hearing all the potatoes on the couch [sic] I have to comment below this post, I’ll read and laugh.”

It also sheds light on the condition of recurrent infection. Five of his most recent six fight bookings, including UFC Fight Night 208, have been cancelled. The majority of the cancellations were due to Till’s injuries.

“To the people who have texted me saying ‘keep my head up etc’ it is much appreciated but the only problem at the moment is that my body is fragile through years of hard torment day in and day out on the body. I need to take a more controlled relaxation approach for the next 10 years! Good luck to all the fights at UFC London, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I sat here totally jealous of my f*ck. But go seriously to smash it and get to the top where you are meant to be. REAL HYPE AROUND UFC LONDON! Blockasset at home, wait until you see the blockasset name on the UFC board next year, then you’ll know the real thing. I hope everyone is having a good weekend, being smashed, and having a sick time.”

Curtis, who expressed his happiness about Till as a visitor on Wednesday during a media day, expressed understanding in an interview on Thursday. Curtis said he still plans to release Till’s signature song, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond – a fan favorite in London.

Thiel, 29, has competed only once since July 2020. He’s been 1-4 in his last five games with a loss to Tyrone Woodley, Jorge Masvidal, Robert Whitaker and Derek Bronson – and a win over Kelvin Gastelum.

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