Will Paulo Banchero end up in the Los Angeles Lakers? History says so!

Paulo Banchero is the number one pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. The last two No. 1 picks from the Orlando Magic ended in the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic have a special relationship. The former wins championships and does so by taking the #1 picks from the Orlando Magic.

Yes, in the history of the franchise, there have only been two No. 1 choices. Tonight’s pick was only for the third time. With the first two players, the Orlando Magic chose two fairly impressive players, Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard.

Shaq is arguably the best position ever and often called the most dominant player in the game. He won the championship 4 times.

Dwight Howard is among the greatest tire protectors ever to grace the game. Defensive Player of the Year three times recently won a championship with the Lakers, capping an impressive career.

Paolo Panchero’s new #1 choice has a great shoe to fill. Really great shoes. But as history suggests, it will be good for Orlando but it could be better elsewhere.

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Paulo Banchero Lakers? Maybe not now, but for sure in the future!

As the saying goes, if it happens once, it won’t happen twice, and if it happens twice, it will definitely happen a third time.

Paulo Banchero is the third No. 1 pick to head to the Orlando Magic. The latter two were traded to the Los Angeles Lakers during the height of their careers.

If history is any indication, Panchero is also likely to head to the West Coast, eventually. For now, Paulo has to establish himself in the East.

Magic will look to him to be their new face of the franchise. The weight on his shoulders is already heavy but he definitely has the right attitude to get off that weight.

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