Where can another trilogy go

Spoiler Warning: Jurassic World: DominionThe jurassic world The trilogy has come to an end Jurassic World: Dominion. With a new genetic company using its technology to destroy crop populations and a thriving black dinosaur market, the world appears to be accepting new additions to the environment. This does not mean that everyone thrives. The world after Maisie (Isabella Sermon), the black dinosaur market is very active, and there are some strange insects buzzing about.

jurassic world It was the second trilogy to come from the franchise, based on genetics work done in Jurassic Park, unlocking a new park, and creating new dinosaurs to keep things interesting for the public. Like the original trilogy, the dinosaurs ended up in places they shouldn’t be, and someone is left to clean them up. The only difference is that the whole world cleans it up this time.

Today’s movie

This trilogy came fourteen years after the first ended. This means that if another trilogy happens, fans will likely wait a bit to see where the story goes. Here are some guidance that could lead to interesting future installments.

More Cretaceous Creatures

Arguably the most shocking moment in the movie was the introduction of locusts. Sure, locusts exist now, but prehistoric locusts? They have no place in today’s world. Instead of making hybrids of dinosaurs, Biosyn CEO Dr. Lewis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), and our favorite dinosaur geneticist Dr. Henry Wong (BD Wong), have been making prehistoric insects that don’t eat their crop strains. They are breeding at abnormal rates, destroying crop fields across the United States, and preparing to cause massive food shortages and environmental disaster. It is definitely one way to sell your crops to farmers.

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While Dr. Wu helps eradicate the swarms of locusts plaguing farmers, giving him a less-than-stellar arc of redemption, the door is now wide open for something similar to happen again. With experiments conducted against Biosyn, not only would the world find out what they were doing, but others might get similar ideas. A third trilogy could explore what happens when genes go beyond mere cloning and dinosaur creation. Why stop at the locusts? There are plenty of prehistoric insects, arthropods, etc. that more movies could focus on.

Central Intelligence Agency

One of the more interesting developments in the film was that Franklin Webb (Justice Smith), a former Jurassic World IT worker and dinosaur rescue activist, began working with the CIA. The intelligence service set up a division of dinosaurs just to track down smugglers, black market breeders and anything else the government might want to interfere. As the plot progresses, the audience discovers that Barry Sembène (Omar C), a former Velociraptor trainer with Jurassic World, has become a deep-secret CIA agent, relaying information on dinosaur trade and sales.

Instead of three more movies that focus on the same rinse and iteration of the first two trilogy, maybe it’s time for the franchise to go the exciting legal/espionage route. A movie that follows CIA agents trying to take down a dinosaur smuggling gang or a rogue geneticist trying to craft a biological weapon sounds really fun. It takes everything we know about a world full of dinosaurs and gives a whole new angle while leaving the door open for the return of the previous characters.

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The government has also introduced a Prehistoric Wildlife Department, which keeps sighting reports and relocates dinosaurs as needed. They were transporting the dinosaurs to a reserve run by Biosyn, which the United Nations appears to have taken over. With the CIA busting illegal breeders and relocating the Public Works Department to an internationally protected haven, some movies could come from that and provide fresh insight into what is fast becoming a tired premise.

Each film could follow a different facet of the new government. The former may follow Barry and others as they work to infiltrate a breeding or smuggling gang, passing information on to Franklin and other CIA agents. The next movie might involve breaking the loop and introducing new characters working for the CIA department as they use Barry’s information to shutdown and arrest the people involved. The final movie could follow them as they work to transport the dinosaurs to the sanctuary as there is a last-ditch effort by breeders or vendors to get them back. This path can also include other creatures, such as locusts.

Focus on Wu

It’s the world that always ends up being the antagonist somehow in the franchise, but Dominion Gave him a little redemption. Although it wasn’t the greatest arc of redemption in movie history, it gave fans something simple. Rather than making another trilogy focused on dinosaurs or other prehistoric creatures, perhaps the franchise’s future lies in genetics.

The human cloning arc wasn’t quite complete, but it did come with enough to help with the plot. It turns out that Betta baby Maisie and Blue the Velociraptor hold the key to solving the locust problem. Maisie was a clone, but after her mother was diagnosed with a genetic disorder, she performed a type of gene therapy on Maisie to ensure her daughter did not receive it. Beta and Blue are run because Beta is a clone that has not been genetically modified.

There are plenty of other uses for the information Wu used to eradicate locusts. Perhaps the next installment of the franchise should follow how dinosaurs helped humans or the planet, following Wu and his work on gene therapy. There may not be enough for a full trilogy, maybe episodic at most, but it might give some well-deserved time to an old character.

Where can the franchise go? Time will tell.

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