The Oakland Zoo welcomes two tigers after being rescued from an Oklahoma attraction with the ‘Tiger King’ ties

It’s a rescue that even Carol Baskin would be proud of.

Four large cats with major medical problems arrived Sunday at the Oakland Zoo after they were rescued from a petty, turbulent roadside zoo in northeastern Oklahoma. Two of them will have a permanent home at the zoo.

The rescue project was funded by the Oakland Zoo, with help from Lions, Tigers and Bears, San Diego County Preserve, and Turpentine Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Arkansas.

Reportedly, the Oklahoma Zoo where the animals were housed was owned by someone with ties to Joe Exotic from Netflix show “Tiger King,” according to a press release from the Oakland Zoo. The true crime series, which followed an interconnected group of big cat collectors and conservationists, detailed a feud between Baskin, a famous animal activist, and Exotic, also known as Tiger King, over how he treats the animals he owns. Exotic is serving a long prison sentence after being convicted of trying to hire people to kill Baskin.

The rescued animals – the last survivors from the Oklahoma Zoo – were a lion and three tigers (including one tiger hybrid, the result of cross-breeding with another species), said Erin Harrison, a spokeswoman for the Oakland Zoo. They all have major medical concerns.

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