The leaders’ odds of winning the 2022 Super Bowl are proving to be underdog

The 2022 holiday season to lead Washington wasn’t indicative of a team with championship aspirations, but they are she did Go out and make a deal for a new midfielder and fill in many holes with free agency and draft.

There is something to be said about it. As much as Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew are willing to spend like drunken sailors, they have to conserve the money to extend Terry McLaurin and they clearly believe in the core of the roster.

After the seven consecutive seasons, fans are asking understandable questions about the team’s motivation, or lack thereof, to make this roster as strong as possible before the first week. NFC East and steal the playoff win. But the Super Bowl contenders?

Does anyone imagine that in the future of Washington?

We certainly don’t, but we still respect their talent enough to believe they belong somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of Super Bowl odds. According to WynnBET, though, the leaders belong near the remnants of the NFL.

The latest Super Bowl odds don’t give the leaders enough credit.

WynnBET’s latest odds had the leaders at +7500 win the Super Ball, and tied with the Steelers & Bears (!) against 29 worst odds in the league.

The only teams with worse odds are the Seahawks, Panthers, Jaguars and Giants, each with +10000 odds, and the Jets (+12,500), Lions, Hawks and Texans, who sit in the NFL vault with 20,000 odds.

Here’s a look at the teams ranked ahead of Washington.

  • Baltimore Ravens: +2000
  • Arizona Cardinals: +2500
  • Tennessee Titans: +2500
  • Philadelphia Eagles: +3000
  • Miami Dolphins: +3500
  • Las Vegas Raiders: +4000
  • Minnesota Vikings: +4000
  • New England Patriots: +4000
  • New Orleans Saints: +5000

It’s hard for us to say that leaders should rank higher than any of those teams, but they should at least fit into the +5000-4000 range. Then again, these possibilities lost most (if not all) credibility a few months ago. After all, before Carson Wentz traded, Washington was +6000 in WynnBET to win the Super Bowl. After the deal, their odds dropped to +7500, which is where they sit today.

How the leaders’ prospects worsened after promotion in the quarterback, and the fact that they were still at +7500 after the draft, as they bolstered key positions such as the wide receiver and defensive tackle, is unbelievable.

We’d like to see what their odds would be if they drafted Kyle Hamilton, Jameson Williams, or someone else with a higher rating than Jahan Dotson. Whatever the case, the odds makers clearly don’t think highly of Ron Rivera’s collection.

This is good, though. Almost every article on the school season, power standings, and 2022 predictions has disrespected Washington in some way, so it’s no surprise that only eight teams in the league have worse Super Bowl odds than them.

We embraced the underdog narrative a long time ago.

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