The Houston Rockets may be the winner of the James Harden deal

Our staff writers will be sharing news and insights from the NBA draft throughout Thursday night.

On the Texas Sports Nation podcast in May, Jonathan Feigen and Jabari Smith Jr. and I discussed how we thought it might work in Houston. You can listen to this podcast here. – Daniel Lerner

The pistons are loaded with Ivy

7: 37 m – Pistons must be life-loving.

A year ago, they picked Cade Cunningham with the first pick, getting a great brick but going through Jalen Green’s explosive talent.

On Thursday, they selected Jaden Ivey, a green level athlete, giving the Pistons an exciting backyard for players to complement each other nicely. – Jonathan Feigen

Missiles accelerate rebuilding

7: 36 m – The Rockets ranked first last year, with Galen Green taking second.

Jabari Smith, who was widely expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in Thursday’s draft, suddenly fell into the hands of the third-place Rockets.

This is how you quickly track your rebuilding process.

This is how you reconnect with your scattered fan base.

That’s how you’re electrifying the Toyota Center, which is out of season after finishing the worst record in the NBA for the second season in a row.

The Rockets’ defense immediately improved with Smith’s addition to Stephen Silas’ youth roster.

Now the supposed No. 1 pick for 2022 could prove them wrong with the Rockets, who need all the talent they can get and add a potential star to pair up with Green. – Brian T Smith

Rockets got the first player in third place

7: 32 m – We may never know who the Rockets would have picked had they been given the first pick from the draft. No one would argue with them or question them if they said it could have been Jabari Smith Jr.

Smith was the common choice for many who would go first no matter which team had the right to pick him, with his shooting range, defensive intensity and switching ability perfect for the modern NBA.

The Magic went with the more NBA-ready Paolo Banchero and Thunder stuck to Chet Holmgren’s length and ability. But that gave the Rockets, a team that desperately needed Smith’s strengths as an upright and defender, a player undoubtedly deserving of the first pick with the third pick from the draft.

A year and a day after the Rockets exited the draft lottery with the pick they used for Jalen Green, they exited the draft with his running mate. They may not have got the player they expected, but they had reason to celebrate, anyway. – Jonathan Feigen

Missiles you choose

7: 26 m – The Rockets didn’t pick first but relegated the most anticipated player to be the first player to be captured in the 2022 NBA Draft until the final hours of the draft.

The Rockets picked versatile Auburn forward Jabari Smith Jr. with the third pick from the draft, giving them the player considered the best man-shooter in the NBA draft.

Smith, a 6-10 striker with defensive skills to play three or four, made 42 percent of his three throws as a freshman.

Smith did not visit the Rockets but became available when Orlando Magic pick Paulo Banchero took Duke’s Paolo Banchero’s first pick and the Oklahoma City Thunder got Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren in second. – Jonathan Feigen

All of this is useless

7: 20 m – That’s why I don’t write much before events. This is why they play games.

I had some great anecdotes about Paolo Banchero that I was going to share with my #Rockets fans. #girl’s face – Jerome Solomon

Holmgren went in second

7:19 pm – After Duke’s Paolo Banchero’s stunning pick with the first draft pick, Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren went as expected to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That opened the way for the Rockets to pick Jabari Smith Jr., who as of late Thursday was considered the favorite to start first. – Jonathan Feigen

Missile plans overturned

7:16 pm The Orlando Magic was expected to pick Auburn’s Jabari Smith with the first choice, but, to the shock of many, chose Duke forward Paulo Banchero instead. This will likely throw a wrench into the Rockets’ plans. Banchero worked with Houston but did not work out with Orlando. Smith only worked in Orlando and Oklahoma City, which got pick number 2. Chet Holmgren refused to reveal his workout roster. I have to wonder what Smith and Holmgren are thinking, besides the Rockets front desk. – Daniel Lerner

Banchero ranks first overall

7:13 pm – The Rockets’ first presumptive pick, Duke’s Paolo Banchero, was off the board with the first pick.

The Orlando Magic, long believed to take Auburn’s Jabari Smith Jr., picked Banchero, a stunning who upset nearly every draft minute in the draft and sent the top of the draft — including the Rockets’ third-place pick — into uncertainty.

Still, the Rockets are expected to get Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren or Smith, both of which are No. 1 in worthy prospects. – Jonathan Feigen

Eric Gordon in the market?

The 76ers are trying to get Eric Gordon and use Matisse Thybulle as an asset, even in an effort to get a third team to participate, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. However, the teams want to deal with the Sixers exclusively rather than help them facilitate a deal to acquire Gordon from the Houston Rockets, The Inquirer says. Sources have reported that the Portland Trail Blazers are ready to make a direct deal with Thibault. – Red Liance

the third option? Not very shabby

The Rockets are set to pick third in the draft for only the second time (Rodney McRae of Louisville in 1983 was the other third pick).

Here’s a look at some of the third overall picks during the modern era of the NBA draft (since 1966): Pete Maravich, Marquis Johnson, Kevin McHale, Dominic Wilkins, Sean Elliott, Grant Hill, Chauncey Billups, Pau Gasol, Carmelo Anthony, James Harden And Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum and someone named Michael Jordan.

So third place, despite having had its share of busts (calling Adam Morrison and Dennis Hobson), was a good place to pick up top talent over the years. – Greg Rajan

It’s time to buy this rebuild

6:15 pm If basketball is like Wall Street, now is the time to buy and invest in the Rockets – primarily because it can’t get any worse. – Brian T Smith.

The era of purple Banshiro

5:11 pm –Paulo Banchero, who should be the Rockets’ third-place pick overall, is set in a purple suit for tonight’s draft which he says is a nod to his parents and the University of Washington.

Banchero played for Duke, but his mother Rhonda and father Mario were athletes in Washington, where they met. Paulo, 19, grew up in Seattle and surprised many by choosing to play for the Blue Devils instead of his mother’s.

Although I’m not a clothing expert, I do enjoy the annual fashion show. I don’t remember which player appeared in Paulo’s purple shade.

Without a doubt, he’s the first to come to the NBA Draft with disco ball-like pins all over the suit.

Banchero is the No. 1 winner of this year’s Best Stylish competition. – Jerome Solomon

Looks like the Rockets are winning the Nets-Harden trade

5:10 pm – The NBA Draft is still on the red carpet, but there is speculation that the Rockets have already won.

That might be a premature boy. It has nothing to do with what they might do with the third draft pick or the other choices they control tonight. But in the run-up to the draft, ESPN reported that Nets star Kyrie Irving He compiled a list of teams He would like to join if he can’t come to an agreement on extending the contract to stay with his last team, and Al-Riyadi added This leading star Kevin Durant is monitoring the situation to decide if he should continue.

For the Rockets, the Nets’ breakup in the years since the Rockets split from James Harden could pay off as he had hoped. The Rockets insisted on as many unprotected first-round picks as they could get when they agreed to tackle Harden.

It actually made the 17th pick tonight, which is a much better choice than most people would have expected when the trade with the Nets was completed.

The Rockets also have the Nets picks in 2024 and 2026, and the right to swap picks with the Nets in 2025 and 2027. The Thunder could take the Rockets pick in 2025 unless they fall into the top 10. But this season they’re rocking overseas, the Rockets still have a number Great selection of Nets after they take advantage of one of these tonight.

It’s too early to say if those Nets picks are improving. Durant didn’t want to collapse when Harden quickly left town. He can make it work with whatever the Nets brings back to Irving if Irving is again looking for a new home.

Right now, it’s hard to say whether Irving is taking a stand for leverage, with any help coming from Durant’s “watching” of the situation, or whether there’s a fire that accompanies all the smoke.

Either way, today’s reports mention why the Rockets’ general manager, Raphael Stone, wanted so many opportunities to get a pickaxe to rebuild a pot of gold. In the meantime, when it comes to casual speculation and news making, the NBA never disappoints. – Jonathan Feigen

Start the countdown

4:30 pm Welcome to the NBA Draft Live Blog. We’re only about three hours away from The Rockets making their first of three picks in the first round (numbers 3, 17 and 26 overall), excluding any deals. We’ll be getting updates and analysis overnight from our staff writers, so be sure to check back often. – Greg Rajan

Facts Project

When: 7 pm Cairo time on Thursday
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Missile options: No. 3, No. 17 (from Brooklyn, James Harden Trade), No. 26 (from Dallas, Christian Wood Trade)

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