Series gives New York a boost amid a road trip

NEW YORK – The Yankees got home from their six-game wild ride early Thursday morning, then had to head to Yankee Stadium later in the day to start another series.

But the opponents in this weekend’s four-match group will likely have wiped out any slack or fatigue that Aaron Boone’s club may have been suffering from.

The Houston Astros have a way of injecting extra life into any stadium they travel to.

Not only because of what happened in the past, but they are another team that holds the number one spot.

“I think it’s a series of shooters at a difficult time,” Boone said before the series opened on Thursday.

While Boone said the fallout from the Astros’ electronic signal theft scandal, which cost the Yanks in 2017, is “earlier history” for him, the manager didn’t deny there was more at stake.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone called his team's four-game series against the Houston Astros A "Shot chain in the arm."

The stage is a little bigger, the lights are brighter. This “past history” still ignites the rivalry between the two teams.

The Yankees lost in 2017 to the Astros in the ALCS – General Manager Brian Cashman called the Astros’ cheating “illegal and appalling” during an interview with The Athletic in March, and said it hampered his team’s chances of advancing to the world championship.

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