Rob Gronkowski’s mother ended Patrick Mahomes’ career after sharing a hilarious meme after the Kansas City Chiefs were destroyed by Tom Brady, Gronk, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Legendary NFL players like former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rob Gronkowski have significant figures in their lives, which inculcate a champion mentality. During Gronk’s entire NFL career, his mom Diane Walters was the driving force behind his comeback in 2020. However, Gronk revealed during an interview he talked about Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady how his mom sent them a funny picture.

During the interview, while talking about the special nature of the 2020 Super Bowl, Gronk said:It’s funny because my mom sent me a little meme. Tom was with a mother … Mahomes on the back of his shoulders like Mahomes a child dressed in a Kansas City costume. It was like “Take your son to work” day on February 7th. It was a really classic because Mahomes could really be Tom’s son because Tom is a legend and he’s been doing that for a long time. The age difference between them is so huge it could be a son, so when my mom sent me that meme, I told her it was a pretty good meme.


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Gronk adds that he admires Mahomes and Brady and their contributions to the game over the years. As the Mahomes were emerging from a Super Bowl-winning campaign at Super Bowl LIV, Brady was looking to prove himself with his new team, the Buccaneers. It was an important game for both of the NFL QBs as they aimed to cement their legacy.

Rob Gronkowski has a special relationship with Momma Gronk

Many Buccaneers fans cheered their team during Super Bowl LV while watching their team dismantle the Super Bowl champion, the Kansas City Chiefs. But the job would have been much more difficult without Gronk, as the former Patriots TE was a free agent in 2020. But his decision not to lay off was influenced by the support of Mumma Gronk.

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Although he allowed Gronk to play best friend and legendary quarterback Tom Brady for another season, it also brought him closer to his mother.

The situation was also beneficial to his mother, who was able to see him in every game at Raymond James Stadium.


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Despite his time in the game, Gronk grabbed his Super Bowl ring in a welcoming environment with familiar faces. With the 2022 NFL campaign looming, Gronk’s decision to retire will have him coming back close to home. Gronkowski’s house will be happy for Mama Gronk, whose son she will see every day.

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