Picked every NBA Draft tour in Kentucky basketball history

TyTy Washington in Kentucky celebrates making three pointers against Vanderbilt during the SEC Championship on March 11th.

TyTy Washington in Kentucky celebrates making three pointers against Vanderbilt during the SEC Championship on March 11th.

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2022 NBA Draft Coverage

A pair of Kentucky basketball players — Sheldon Sharp and T. Ty Washington — are selected in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft. Click below for Lexington Herald-Leader coverage from Thursday night.

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The pair of Kentucky Basketball team selected for the 2022 NBA Draft Thursday night kept the program in the lead all-time for first-round selections.

Shaydon Sharp was first off the board at number seven in the Portland Trail Blazers, and Ty Washington followed him in 29th to the Houston Rockets via trade with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kentucky now has 57 all-time picks in the first round, 34 of which have been drafted under current coach John Calipari.

North Carolina, 53, closed in 2022 and is now tied to the Duke after the Blue Devils had four picks.

UCLA (40) and Kansas (35) ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

Alex Groza, chosen by the Indianapolis Olympians as runner-up in 1949, was the first British player elected in the first round of the NBA draft, which began in 1947 when the league was known as the NBA.

The Kentucky Pro Basketball Reference gives Kentucky 59 first-round picks, but three of those players — LeRon Ellis, Chris Mills and Rodrick Rhodes — have not completed their college basketball careers in the UK and are not recognized by the school or the NCAA.

Here every UK player is selected in the first round, starting with the last draft.


Sheldon Sharp, Portland Trail Blazers (7th pick)

Ty Washington, Houston Rockets (29th pick via Memphis Grizzlies)


Isaiah Jackson, Indiana Pacers (22nd pick via Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Wizards)


Therese Maxi, Philadelphia 76ers (21st Choice)

Emmanuel Quikley, New York Knicks (25th pick via Oklahoma City Thunder)


PJ Washington, Charlotte Hornets (12th Choice)

Tyler Hero, Miami Heat (13th Choice)

Keldon Johnson, San Antonio Spurs (29th Choice)


Kevin Knox, New York Knicks (9th pick)

Shay Gilgus Alexander, Charlotte Hornets (11th pick)


D’Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings (5th choice)

Monk’s owner, Charlotte Hornets (Eleventh Choice)

Pam Adebayo, Miami Heat (14th pick)


Jamal Murray, Denver Nuggets (7th pick)

Skull Lapiseur, Phoenix Suns (28th Choice)


Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves (1st pick)

Willie Collie Stein, Sacramento Kings (6th pick)

Tree Lyles, Utah Jazz (12th choice)

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns (13th pick)


Julius Rundle, Los Angeles Lakers (7th pick)

James Young, Boston Celtics (17th selection)


Nerlence Noel, New Orleans Pelicans (6th selection)

Archie Goodwin, Oklahoma City Thunder (29th pick)


Anthony Davis, New Orleans Hornets (1st pick)

Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Charlotte Bobcats (2nd choice)

Terence Jones, Houston Rockets (18th pick)

Marquis Teague, Chicago Bulls (29th Choice)


Anais Kanter, Utah Jazz (3rd choice)

Brandon Knight, Detroit Pistons (8th pick)


John Wall, Washington Wizards (1st choice)

DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings (5th choice)

Patrick Patterson, Houston Rockets (14th pick)

Eric Bledsoe, Oklahoma City Thunder (18th pick)

Daniel Orton, Orlando Magic (29th Choice)


Rajon Rondo, Phoenix Suns (21st Choice)


Taishawon Prince, Detroit Pistons (23rd pick)


Jamal Magloire, Charlotte Hornets (19th Choice)


Scott Padgett, Utah Jazz (28th Choice)


Nasr Muhammad, Utah Jazz (29th Choice)


Ron Mercer, Boston Celtics (6th pick)

Derek Anderson, Cleveland Cavaliers (13th pick)


Antoine Walker, Boston Celtics (6th pick)

Tony Delek and Charlotte Hornets (16th choice)

Walter McCarty, New York Knicks (19th choice)


Jamal Mashburn, Dallas Mavericks (4th pick)


Rex Chapman, Charlotte Hornets (8th pick)


Kenny Walker, New York Knicks (5th choice)


Sam Boy, Portland Trail Blazers (2nd pick)

Melvin Turpin, Washington Bullets (6th selection)


Kyle Macy and Phoenix Suns (22nd Choice)


Rick Ruby, Indiana Pacers (3rd pick)

Jack Givens, Atlanta Hawks (16th Choice)


Kevin Grevey, Washington Billits (18th choice)


Pat Riley, San Diego Rockets (7th pick)


Frank Ramsey, Boston Celtics (5th pick)


Alex Groza, Indianapolis Olympian (2nd choice)

Wah Wah Jones, Washington Capitols (8th pick)

This story was originally published June 23, 2022, 11:04 p.m.

Dennis Varney is associate sports editor for the Lexington Herald-Leader and Kentucky.com. He is a native of Pike County and western Kentucky. He has also worked for the Times of Northwest Indiana, the Seattle Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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