NFL and NFLPA Negotiate Browns QB Deshaun Watson Penalty

According to CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson, the NFL and the NFLPA have discussed the negotiating penalty for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

CLEVELAND — As a potential NFL sanction approaching Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, a new report has shed some light on how a potential suspension might be issued.

According to Josina Anderson of CBS Sports,, the NFL and NFL Players Association and representatives for Watson recently discussed a negotiating suspension of Watson, which the association is investigating after 24 women filed a lawsuit accusing the Pro Bowl quarterback three times of sexual misconduct, including harassment and sexual assault. While Anderson also stated that those talks have since broken down, her report is the first indication that the two sides were negotiating a potential deal.

“I have been told that there have been recent attempts by advisors by the NFL, the National Liberation League and Deshaun Watson to negotiate a disciplinary settlement,” Anderson wrote on Twitter. “But conversations involving a potential number of missed matches have ‘crashed down’ and are not on the same page. As of now, the process is moving forward, according to league sources.”

Earlier this week, Watson reached settlements with 20 of the 24 defendants against him, resulting in those 20 cases being dismissed. In a statement, an NFL spokesperson said the settlements would not play a role in the league’s investigation into Watson, who could be sanctioned if he is found to have violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Two major Texas courts have refused to indict Watson, who was acquired by Al Brown in a massive trade with the Houston Texans earlier this year. Upon acquiring Clemson’s producer, Cleveland signed the 26-year-old reference caller to a five-year, fully guaranteed record contract worth $230 million.

Watson, who missed the entire 2021 season in Houston, has publicly asserted his innocence.

“I’ve never assaulted, never disrespected and never molested any woman in my life,” Watson said during his introductory press conference with Brown in March. “I wasn’t raised like this. My mom and aunts haven’t raised me this way in my life. It’s not in my DNA. As far as the details of the things they claim, I can’t talk about it because there is an ongoing investigation. But in the future, once everything is resolved, I’ll sit back and love to talk about it.”

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