June 6 in the history of the New York Rangers: Coach Trottier???

What happened on June 6 in the history of the New York Rangers

On this date in 2002, Glenn Sather made one of the worst decisions of his tenure as the New York Rangers general manager. He has hired a former Elander player and longtime Rangers enemy, Brian Trotier, as head coach for the team.

What made hiring even crazier was Sather’s rationale for hiring Trottier. He said it was the 90-page handwritten job application that the former islander sent to Sather.

Trotier replaced Ron Lo, a friend of Suther’s Edmonton Oilers, who had led the team for two seasons, and missed the playoffs in both years.

The good news for Rangers was that Trotter lasted only 54 games. He never won players and the team had a 21-26-6 record when Sather let him go and the general manager replaced him behind the bench. It was all for nothing because they missed the playoffs for the sixth year in a row.

birthdays today

27 NHL players were born on June 6, including four former New York Rangers with one of them hanging from the rafters at Madison Square Garden.

Ed Giacomene He was born on this date in 1939 in Sudbury, Ontario. Regarded by many as the Rangers’ greatest goalkeeper ever, he was the goalkeeper who led the team to respectability in the late 1960s and the Stanley Cup Final in 1972. He joined Rangers in 1965 and played 539 games for the Blues before he was unofficially ceded in 1975. His return to MSG as the Detroit Red Wings is one of the most memorable events in Rangers history. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987.

Anson Carter He was born on June 6, 1974 in Toronto, Ontario. He played only 54 games for the Rangers and is best known for his exchange with Jaromir Jäger at the Washington Capitals in March 2004. Carter played 674 games for eight different NHL teams. He came to the Rangers from Edmonton on a deadline in exchange for Radek Dvorak’s deal. He is a familiar face to Ranger fans due to his work on the NHL Network.

Niklas Sundstrom The right winger was born on this date in 1975 in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. He was the eighth overall pick by Rangers in the first round of the 1993 NHL draft entry. He played four seasons with New York and despite scoring 24 goals, was making a name for himself as a defensive striker when he was part of one of the worst deals of the Neil Smith era. Sundstrom, goalkeeper Dan Cloutier, was dealt a first- and third-round pick to Tampa in exchange for the four overall pick used by the Rangers on Pavel Brendl, a terrible attack. Sundstrom went on to play for another seven years with San Jose and Montreal as a defensive specialist.

Aldo Guidolin He was a winger and defender born on this date in 1932 in Forks of the Credit, Ontario. He played four seasons with the Rangers from 1952-56, his only seasons in the NHL. After leaving the Rangers he played 13 full seasons in the AHL and then coached the Colorado Rockies. He is the cousin of Pep Guidolin, who coached the Boston Bruins in the 1974 Stanley Cup Final.

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