Explanation of the End of Jurassic World Sovereignty: Coexistence or Doom

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Jurassic World.

Jurassic World Dominion Finally here, he brought an end to a franchise that had produced six films in nearly three decades. While the new film Owen Grady gives (Chris Pratt(And his team of dinosaur lovers Happy Ending, as the sequel brings back many characters from the past, explaining what happened to Alan Grant)Sam Neal), Eli Sattler (Laura Dern), and mathematician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). It is not easy to bridge the gap between two very special generations, but after the output jurassic world Participation in writing the first two installments of the trilogy, Colin Trevorrow He was the perfect candidate to take on the huge task.

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With a lot of moving pieces to deal with, Jurassic World Dominion It has the largest uptime in the franchise. And we need extra time because with so many intertwined storylines, there’s a lot going on Jurassic World Dominion. Now that the movie is out in theaters, it’s time to go through the main events of the sequel and explain what happened on that explosive ending.

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Rich Guy, In The Lab, With Bioengineering

in the beginning, Jurassic World Dominion It appears to tell two different stories, each focusing on one of the main teams of the franchise. First, we have Owen, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) and Maisie (Isabella SermonShe tries to live a normal life, away from prying eyes. Next, Alan and Ellie come together to investigate an environmental disaster. Everyone also deals with the fact that dinosaurs were everywhere. At the end of the last movie, Jurassic Park: The Fallen KingdomMaisie discovers that she is a human clone made with the same technology that brought dinosaurs back to life. So, in a gesture of sympathy, Maisie released a prehistoric monster into the wild. Dominion It begins four years later, when dinosaurs breed, spread and are now fighting for space with humans.

Since Maisie is a valuable asset to scientists trying to decipher mysteries of bioengineering, Owen and Claire decide to protect the girl by moving into the woods. The family that is found remains hidden for four years until Maisie is kidnapped by a group of poachers who also steal Betta, the baby of Velociraptor Blue. This leads Owen and Claire on a race around the world, as they track down the poachers and try to find out who ordered Macy’s kidnapping. Their journey leads them to a dinosaur sanctuary maintained by Biosyn, a private company that keeps prehistoric creatures safe in exchange for the right to study them. In order to get there, they recruit Kayla (Diwanda Wise), a pilot who acts as a smuggler for the suspicious people who have kidnapped Peta and Macy.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ellie is called to investigate a swarm of giant locusts that threatens to destroy the entire world’s farms. Locusts are hybrid beasts made of invisible DNA since the Cretaceous period, so they all indicate that someone had a lot of money and power behind their manufacture. Suspiciously, locusts eat everything they can find but do not touch plants that have been grown with Biosyn seeds. So, Ellie decides to ask Alan for help infiltrating the Pyocin Labs and collecting evidence that they were behind the locust creation. Eli and Alan’s introduction to Biosyn is Ian, who now works as a consultant for a billionaire company. Fortunately for Eli, Ian is already aware of Biosyn’s illegal activities and wants her help in exposing the company.

Thus fate puts the two teams in the same place and at the same time. Owen, Claire, and Kayla arrive at Biosyn to rescue Maisie and Beta. Ellie, Alan and Ian are in the dinosaur sanctuary to prevent a horrific swarm of locusts from spreading and causing world hunger. Unaware of each other’s existence, both teams fight against the same villain, Dr. Louis Dodgson (Campbell Scott), the CEO of Biosyn and the same man in charge of the first Jurassic Park disaster.

Dr. Dodgson’s plan

Originally Jurassic ParkDodgson (then played by Cameron Thor(Bribing Computer Scientist Dennis Wendry)Wayne Knight) to retrieve DNA samples from all dinosaurs John Hammond )Richard AttenboroughHe was in his park. In order to obtain the samples, Nedry shuts down Jurassic Park’s safety systems, putting everyone’s life at risk. So while Hammond was naive in believing he could control the forces of nature, Dodgson intentionally exposes people to harm just for the sake of profit, since the first movie. It is fitting then that Dodgson returns as the main villain Dominion.

In Dominion, Dodgson hired Dr. Henry Wu (BD WongBioengineering a locust species that would drive up the price of seeds produced by Biosyn. Wu was the leading bioengineer in both Jurassic Park And the jurassic worldWhich makes him the true father of the prehistoric monster that roams the world. Wu does as Dodgson tells him, but unfortunately, the locusts have a genetic defect that prevents them from dying in one generation. This means the swarm is out of Wu and Dodgson’s control, and the men need to find a solution before authorities discover the origin of the mutant insects. That’s why Wu suggests Dodgson kidnap Maisie and Peta.

as such Dominion Reveals, Maisie is a clone carried by Charlotte Lockwood (Elfa Trail). This means that Maisie has a mother and is not out of the tube. Just like Beta, Maisie was developed by a mother without the involvement of the father, and so they can hold the key to unlocking humanity’s vital gene potential. More importantly, Charlotte was suffering from a degenerative disease that eventually killed her. However, before death, Charlotte was able to repair the defective Macy’s cells, rewriting her DNA. So, if Wu finds out how Charlotte performed this feat, he could also change the genetic code of the locusts and prevent them from destroying global food reserves.

The two heroic teams arrive at the Biosen Dinosaur Sanctuary and chaos ensues. While Dodgson does everything in his power to prevent the truth from emerging, a greedy CEO ends up endangering the creatures living on his sanctuary. First, Dodgson deactivates an anti-air system that prevents the flying dinosaurs from escaping, only to smash Owen’s plane. Then, in a final act of desperation, Dodgson attempts to burn the locusts he still keeps in the lab. The locusts escape, spreading flames in the reserve and lighting up the entire forest.

Uniting, the heroes escape from the carnivorous dinosaurs and survive the rain of fire locusts. By combining their unique skills, the team can also rescue Maisie and Beta, retrieve a sample of locust DNA, and prepare a helicopter for them to exit the dinosaur sanctuary. For Dodgson, just like Nidri before him, the evil man was killed by a group of Dilophosaurus while trying to escape the chaos he had caused.

At the end of Dominion, Owen and Claire meet Macy, who finally accepts her place in this found family. After years of teasing, Alan and Ellie end up together, promising to make up for lost time. Most importantly, Maisie volunteered to help Dr. Wu study her DNA, and together they stopped the locust outbreak. For the dinosaurs, with Biosyn implicated in illegal experiments revealed to the public, the company’s old base became a public sanctuary for prehistoric creatures.

message at the end Jurassic World Dominion Clear. Nature always finds a way, and dinosaurs are here to stay. In this new world, humans can no longer pretend to be in control of the world around them. Instead, we all need to learn to live, lest we perish.

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