Event #50: Hold’em Super High Roller Unlimited $250,000 | 2022 World Series of Poker

first day of Event #50: Hold’em with $250,000 Super High Roller No-Limit came to an end in 2022 World Series of Poker A four-time WSOP Champion Adrian Matthews He is the leader of chips after ten levels of play.

The first day of summer’s highest turnout attracted 52 participants and it is expected that more 31 players will join surviving from day one before registration ends at the start of day two.

Event #50: $250,000 Top Ten Super High Roller

*Rank Noun nation number of chips Day 2 big curtains
1 Adrian Matthews Spain 9745000 316
2 Phil Ivy United State 6,830,000 228
3 Dario Sammartino Italia 4,835,000 161
4 Nick Petrangelo United State 4500000 150
5 Dan Zack United State 4,445,000 148
6 Alex Foxin United State 4,250,000 142
7 Martin Capriel Czech Republic 3,935,000 131
8 Koray the destroyer Germany 3,805,000 127
9 Chris Hunichen United State 3,750,000 125
10 Alexis Bunakov Latvia 3,370,000 112

Matthews jumped to the top of the mid-evening leaderboard after picking a pair of Kings to win coolly against them. Ali Imserovic With a whole house better. He fell behind Phil Ivy in the last minutes of the last level, but a big bet from the liquidation Dan Smith Put it over the top at the end of the night. Matthews is the reigning champion in this event after beating 33 runners to defeat Ben Heath Upside down in 2021, he’ll return with a dominant stack of 9,745,000 for a second day in search of his fifth WSOP bracelet.

The chip leader near the top of the leaderboard is followed by Ivy, Dario SammartinoAnd the Nick Petrangelo. Ivey joined the tournament at the start of the day and was constantly cracking throughout the afternoon, including as much as a set of a draw against Henrik Hecklin And a pair of pocket kings who were sent Andrew Lichtenberger To the window to launch a second entry. But it was Ivy’s late-night run that put him ahead after stacking a total of up to 6,830,000 in the closing tier.

Phil Ivy

Other returning players include Kathy LynnAnd the Justin BonomoAnd the Seth Davis. Lehn mingled with some of the game’s most aggressive players and came out on top. First, it was Ivy, who lost an early pot to the Lin King, and then it was Michael Adamo who bowed to the River Lehne and bet shortly thereafter to preserve what was left of his collection. She returns with 1,965,000 in search of her first WSOP bracelet.

Runners who used their second entry include Christoph VogelsangAnd the Alfred DecarolisAnd the Chris BrewerAnd the David EinhornAnd the Daniel NegrianoAnd the Andrew Robleand Hecklen, Smith, Addamo, and Lichtenberger. Decarolis, Adamo and Smith were eliminated for the second time and will not return on the second day.

Players will return at 2 PM on June 24 in Paris Purple to play ten more levels on Day Two. Blinds will pick up at 15,000 / 30,000 / 30,000 at level 11, and registration will remain open until the start of the second day of the tournament. The surviving players will return on Day 2 for the end of Day 3 which will be broadcast by PokerGO.

Make sure to keep it with poker news The team is all weekend for updates on its $250,000 Super High Roller and other events at the 2022 World Series of Poker at its new home in Balis and Paris Las Vegas.

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