Darnell Mooney while Nagy died with the Chicago Bears: Let’s get this over with

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Darnell Mooney was a talk on Red Line Radio talking about life, the Chicago Bears, and the offseason. Mooney briefly touched on training with Justin Fields in the off-season, away from Halas Hall. He will likely travel with Fields to Atlanta or Florida for more rehearsals. He also talked about the Bears’ new training regimen and how different it was from before.

Darnell Mooney on New Bears coach Matt Eberfloss

When asked about new Chicago Bears coach Matt Eberless, Darnell Money described the teams as Night and day from the old system.

“Everyone knows what to do and where to go. It’s more organized. [Coach Eberflus] He is a cool man. He’s a coach coach, a real head coach, and he makes sure everyone is organized.”

Darnell Mooney on Matt Ebervloss, coach of the Chicago Bears.

Mooney praised coach Ibervloss and enjoyed letting his offensive coordinator, Luke Jetsie, “do whatever he wants.” Speaking about the new crime, Mooney said he feels the new system benefits crime more than the old one.

It’s not hard to do given that Matt Nagy’s crime was an absolute trash fire and mayhem. But having a legitimate attack coordinator in Luke Getsy should increase the overall offensive production just because he knows how.

Will Mooney have a big third year in the NFL?

Mooney briefly discussed his way of thinking in college and how in his freshman year, he didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. In his second year, he did some plays, but by his junior season, he had gone crazy.

Here’s what Darnell Mooney expects in his third season with the Chicago Bears: a big year. Since he feels like the spacious reception room is his, now that he’s WR1, we can definitely expect great things from him this year.

After building a relationship with Justin Fields and continuing to work this season, the Chicago Bears have a true pair in their top two offensive weapons.

Matt Nagy’s time with the Chicago Bears is over

When Mooney was asked about the last few weeks under Matt Nagy’s tutelage, he admitted that the changing room was a mess.

“Let’s get this over with and fast forward to January… It’s hard to have a good mindset when you keep losing like this every week.”

Darnell Mooney on the death of Matt Nagy with the Bears.

We can all appreciate Mooney’s honesty here because we can see him every week. The Bears weren’t very good under Matt Nagy and the front we appeased was crazy.

Will the Chicago Bears win in 2022? Mostly not. But at least there is hope for the future and Matt Eberflus already seems to know how to be CoachAnd not just an abusive game designer.

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