Best group for the 2022 World Cup? Mexico home shirt leak shows it’s beauty

Mexico is one of the most famous countries in the history of the World Cup.

Not only are they part of an exclusive club of nations that has hosted the men’s tournament more than once, but it so happens that the versions they staged were among the greatest in history.

Indeed, the so-called game, goal and century-saving event in the Mexican World Cup happened thanks to Italy 4-3 West Germany, Gordon Banks blocking Pele and Diego Maradona’s crazy single goal.

Mexico in the World Cup

However, Mexico’s long association with the most prestigious football tournaments does not end there with strong memories of Hugo Sanchez, Rafael Marquez, Javier Hernandez and Antonio Carvajal.

The iconic status of the Mexican national team also extends to their green, white and red jerseys of their flag making it a great plaque from which to make your home jersey.

In fact, the basic jersey worn by Mexico at the 1998 World Cup is regarded as one of the greatest strips in history with a pattern inspired by the Aztec calendar making it widely desirable among collectors.

And while we’re not sure any Mexican design could rival the ultimate jaw-dropper, early evidence suggests that Adidas is launching another shout-out to the North American nation this year.

Mexico’s leaked World Cup kit

Perpetually reliable magazine Footy Headlines published leaks of the Mexico squad for the 2022 World Cup on Thursday night, which include new photos he shared. Tweet embed And the Tweet embed.

The images are said to confirm the previous leak as well as revealing new details, but the most important piece of proof is that it looks absolutely stunning.

The adidas design coordinates with the classic Mexican color scheme of a green shirt, white shorts, and red socks with the main design element of the stripe that establishes a subtle graphic on the top and sleeves.

The fabric is said to be inspired by Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec deity with a feathered serpent who brought wind and rain, and is also shown as a symbol below the collar on the back of the shirt.

All in all, it’s the closest thing we’ve seen from Mexico ever present their cool jersey in 1998 and it looks like one of the best strips in Qatar, so be sure to check out the leaks for yourself below:

Take our money.

potential classic

Now, of course, kit quality is ultimately a personal thing and you might feel tepid on a Mexico shirt, but we’d happily die on the hill because it’s one of the best World Cup leaks we’ve seen so far.

Compared to the shocking half-and-half design that Portugal would wear and the excessively blue pattern in England for the release, we’d easily herald the final product described in Mexico as a potential classic.

If for nothing else, it should get collectors excited to play on the country’s culture and history with a modern twist that subtly wears its hat to one of the greatest shirts of all time.

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So even if Mexico pulled out early while involved in tough matches with Argentina and Poland, they could at least do so to look incredibly cool in the process.

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