Aslani criticizes Real Madrid for the unhealthy work environment: “I [was] He was almost forced to play injured and received no help.”

Kosovare Aslani, the first galactica for Real Madrid Feminino, had very harsh words for her former club when she spoke to the Swedish media on the national team assignment.

There are many different factors. It’s hard to go into details, but for my part, it has a lot to do with whether I think it’s club culture, which is unhealthy for the players, which I was in, almost forced to play injured and not helped. The management team did not listen to the medical team, and in the end, this was a decision I had to make for a longer career. It has become a very unhealthy and dangerous environment for players.

I think I gave a lot to the club from the start and after that I saw that the club did not treat the players well during all these years. I think it is important for me to speak, as no one else has spoken. I’ve tried to make changes, but in the end, the environment created there is one where they refuse to listen to the medical staff and the players. It’s no coincidence that I got injured there and had a relapse, being constantly pushed to play injured or sick. It is not a healthy environment.

I care an incredible amount about the club, but I feel it is in the wrong hands.

I don’t regret going there. I don’t regret my decision, as I felt it was the right move, but also for me, as a player who has played at the top level for a number of years, is also to listen and do things better to create a professional environment. I say this because I want it to be a professional environment and they know that too. I hope that will be the case for the remaining players out there.

I don’t think it’s the only club where coaches run the medical team. I think it’s an environment built out of just wanting to achieve results and seeing players as products. It doesn’t matter if someone is injured. I wasn’t in an environment where I paid a lot to play injured there. That’s why I’ve been there (injured) most of the season.

When Aslani was asked if she was trying to raise the issue with the club, her answer was:

It’s been going on for the three years I’ve been there, and looking back, I probably should have left last summer, but I wanted to give them another chance. You want to make a difference, because it’s a big club and you want to help it succeed. I’ve been a huge part of the club’s history and have done a lot for it, but unfortunately, it’s an unhealthy environment, and it’s not just me. [who experienced it]. There are an unbelievable number of players at the club who have had to go through a lot, which I don’t think is OK and is at a big club.

Aslani was also asked what she thinks is necessary to change the environment for the better:

First and foremost, you need the right people, the right employees in the right positions at the club, leaders who care about their players and their health, and work as a team at all levels. The medical team was incredibly tired and then I came to the national team where it’s quite the opposite. They ask if you are ok or if you need to take it easy. There is such a difference. He is very professional here.

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