70 Days Until Penn State Football

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Penn State is aiming to once again compete in the Big Ten this fall after finishing 7-6 last season. Nittany Lions fell from 5-0 in 2021, concluding by losing the Outback Bowl, but since then I used the transfer gate And the Recruitment class of the top 10 To retool the list.

PSU opens its 2022 game schedule September 1 in Purdue, meanwhile, our Countdown to Kickoff series will feature players whose consolidated numbers correspond to the number of days left until that match. We continue in the 70th position, and focus on the fifth-year player Scruggs juice.


Site: center
big redshirt
6-3, 319 pounds
High school:
Cathedral Setting (Erie, Pennsylvania)

Scruggs juice She was a formidable two-way force for the Cathedral Prep program, a solid program that went 49-3 during his high school career. This success included back-to-back undefeated rounds in the state championship in 2016 and 2017.

“Our coaches were in the state championship game (2017),” Penn State coach James Franklin He said after signing Scruggs. “This guy was the best player on the field on both sides of the ball.”

Given the prospect of Penn State’s first offensive line, Scruggs was an all-state pick twice and totaled 22 tackles for loss as a first-class man, adding nine sacks during that time. He was rated 4th in the country and 233rd overall talent in Sports Composite Ranking 247, who was described as a four-star recruit.

Scruggs received his Penn State scholarship offer in May 2016, near the end of his sophomore year, and chose PSU over Ohio State based on a declaration of commitment in August 2017. He entered the university in June 2018.

Scruggs was one of three true freshman offensive navigators who landed on the apprentice list in 2018, along with Brice Effner And the Rashid Walker. he is subscriber The offensive scout team player of the year is honored after eHe earned weekly recognition on four occasions, and finished 2018 listed third on the Depth Center chart with one game appearance.

Unfortunately, Scruggs’ athletic career faced adversity during the ensuing spring break, when he was He was involved in a car accident that left him with L3 vertebra broken. Scruggs was seen in full uniform prior to the 2019 Penn State opener, and was often present as an active participant during the pre-game warm-ups that season, but did not make it into a game because he was medically repaired.

Scruggs spent eight months in a back brace, coped with the pain, and lost more than 20 pounds. Ultimately, the rehab process led him to return to direct action in November 2020. Scruggs arrived late against Maryland in Week 3 of a shortened campaign, marking his return, and then entered every remaining game of 2020. He worked in the right guard, behind him great writer Will Fries.

Scruggs stepped up as a right-guard starter to start 2021 and stayed there for much of the fall. However, a mid-season position exchange happened with a big center Mike Mirandaand Scruggs went on to handle the picks through the Outback Bowl. After waiting three years to make his first professional start in college, he was the first team in all 13 competitions, named Mention all ten honorable adults.

“I love Juice because of what he’s been through,” Nittany Lions offensive line coach Phil Troutwein He said. “I use him as an example because football could have been taken away from him, and he saw that. Now he works every day to make sure he takes advantage of this opportunity to play the game he loves.”

I look ahead
Scruggs is boosted as a staging post in Pennsylvania, and is one of three offensive navigators to shut down starting jobs, along with Interventions Ulu Fashano And the Kidan Wallace. He will play alongside two new starters on guard Landon roamingAnd the Sal and RamliAnd the JB Nelson Cornell Transfer Sayad Noorzad among the main contenders.

Scruggs, who carried nearly 10 pounds more than last season, made it clear this spring that he felt lighter in 2021. Pinning an offensive line in need of a major improvement this fall, he will enter pre-season camp as the main peer and tone setter For a sophisticated evolution set.

“He really led by example,” Tengwall said in May. “We see Juice doing his job, and he never complains. After everything he’s been through, I’ve never heard him complain. He’s kind of, cool, that’s what she aspires to. …the coaches never have problems with him, he’s always on time, and he’s Definitely someone to look up to.”

Earlier in his career, Scruggs acknowledged that his approach to the game must change after the aforementioned 2019 back injury.

“I know my body is not like everyone else,” he said. “Some days I don’t have to do anything, other days I might have to stay in ice troughs a few times. I know my body. I know it’s different now. I just have to be aware of that.”

Due to COVID-related eligibility adjustments from the NCAA, 22-year-old Scruggs maintains an additional season of college eligibility through 2023.

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