20 great road trip clicks to start the summer spirit

Summer has arrived, so there’s no better time to highlight some stellar road trip flicks.

Summer is here, and the heat goes on to find the perfect movie to set the tone for the season.

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Luckily, I’ve got you covered, as there is no better type of movie to make you enjoy sun, sand, and adventure just like a road trip movie. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up 20 great road trip sub-genre movies to totally kickstart your summer, no matter if you’re a comic book fan, a horror movie fanatic, or a drama thriller.


National Spelling Vacation

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This franchise-launching classic comedy starring Chevy Chase follows the Griswold family as they embark on a cross-country vacation where everything that can go wrong goes wrong.


plan B

Hulu / Courtesy Everett Group

Directed by Natalie Morales, plan B Synopsis: Two teenage girls encounter drug dealers, crushes, and their own personal revelations as they venture from their sleepy town to Rapid City in search of their “Plan B” pill.


refuse the devil

Lions Gate / Courtesy Collection Everett

The hideous Rob Zombie sequel to House of 1000 corpses He expands into this movie’s world while turning the character’s dynamics on their heads by sending them on the road as they evade the sadistic lawman.



United Artists / Collection Courtesy of Everett

Channing Tatum headlines this spirited comedy about a wounded ex-soldier who is tasked with escorting a troubled dog on a road trip to the funeral of his fallen comrade.



Paramount Pictures / The Everett Collection Courtesy of

This touching black-and-white film follows a middle-aged man and his elderly father who confront their complicated past and present when the former leads the last from Montana to Nebraska to claim a lottery prize.


road trip

DreamWorks Group / Courtesy Everett

The breakout film from director Todd Phillips, this freaky throwback to the ’80s sex comedy capitalized on momentum american pie In this movie about the adventures of four college students who must cross the country to retrieve a sex tape accidentally sent from a one-night stand.


My own Idaho

Fine Line Features / Courtesy Collection Everett

River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves are absolutely stunning on Gus Van Sant’s cross-country journey (and eventually a global journey) of a drug rogue and the rebellious son of a politician searching for answers to life’s mysteries, existential or otherwise.


The long stupid road

The Film Arcade / Collection Courtesy of Everett

Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Tony Revolori and leagueJason Mantzoukas is an inspiring pairing in this hilarious, unabashed, and oddly poignant tale of an unpredictable straight, mechanical photographer who embarks on a spontaneous bonding journey while traveling from Texas to Los Angeles.



Paramount Vantage Collection / Courtesy Everett

This underrated horror show starring Chris Pine follows four survivors of a viral pandemic who try to avoid infection, violence, and paranoia while driving in bleak post-apocalyptic Florida.


Little Miss Sunshine

Fox Searchlight / Everett Collection Courtesy of

A sleepy sensation among critics and audiences alike, this black comedy surrounds a dysfunctional family who reluctantly meet on an 800-mile road trip after their young daughter qualified for the “Little Miss Sunshine” pageant.


idiot movie

Walt Disney Pictures/Everett Collection Courtesy of

The Disney animated favourite is a surprisingly endearing story about Goofy and his son Max, as they attempt to bond on a last-minute fishing expedition across the country, which the latter attempts to manipulate into a highly anticipated concert.


The dumb and the dumber

New Line Cinema / The Everett Collection Courtesy of

The beloved Farrelly brothers comedy is about a pair of close friends who attempt to return a bag containing ransom money left over in Rhode Island to a Colorado woman, both of whom fall madly in love.


Run midnight

Universal Collection / Courtesy Everett

Arguably the greatest comedy movement of all time, Run midnight A grizzly bounty hunter and a hateful mafia accountant are surrounded as they clash with gangsters, the FBI, and a competing bounty hunter in a cross-country race from New York City to Los Angeles.



Gramercy Images/Collections Courtesy of Everett

Brad Pitt eschews his “beautiful boy” image to play a ruthless serial killer in this 1993 thriller about a cash-strapped journalist and photographer who inadvertently welcomes a pair of bloodthirsty sadists on their cross-country tour of infamous killing sites.


Smokey and bandits

Universal Pictures / Universal

Director Hal Needham and stars Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed and Jackie Gleeson fundamentally redefine “Road Trip” with this full-time action movie about an illegal beer importer rushing from Texas to Georgia in under 30 hours.


due date

Warner Bros. / The Everett Collection Courtesy of

This is a distorted hadith of a novel Planes, trains and cars It follows a no-nonsense architect and a brilliant aspiring actor who find themselves on a road trip from hell as they rush to bring the former to the birth of his first child.


Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection

Directed by Tim Burton, this unforgettable comedy On The Unforgettable Road follows a well-meaning Pee-Wee Herman as he encounters several eccentric strangers while searching across the country for his lost bike.


We are the millers

Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection

A small pot dealer recruits his inept neighbors to act as his squeaky clean “family” while trying to move marijuana across the Mexican border to clear his debts in this hilarious recent entry to the road trip movie.


Joy Ride

20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Courtesy Everett Collection

John Dahl’s horror thriller follows a cross-country trip where a college student is manipulated by his criminal older brother to prank a murderous truck driver, who targets them psychologically and physically on their way to pick up a childhood friend in Colorado.


mitchell vs machines

Netflix Collection / Courtesy Everett

Produced by Lord and Miller Untouchables, mitchell vs machines is an exceptional on-the-road animated film about a family who leads their daughter, a film student from Michigan to California when she is trapped by a conscious (and vengeful) AI.

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