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It’s late June of the World Cup year. In almost every World Cup, this means that the group stage will soon conclude, with the Round of 16 just a few days away. However, in a year when the World Cup is inexplicably held in one of the world’s harshest climates, late June means we have quite a few shirt leaks to talk about, and nothing more.

It’s disappointing I haven’t seen the tournament yet, but hey, this new American World Cup jersey will look great over your hoodie in December. Until then, let’s take a look at some early glimpses of what we’ll see in November.


Argentina’s home jersey for the 2022 World Cup was leaked back in April, and since then more and more detailed renderings of the jersey have surfaced.

(Provided with permission from Marto Rodriguez via Twitter)

At first glance, it looks like an updated Argentina standard shirt for 2022, and in many ways, that’s a fair way of describing what adidas has done for Argentina in this Tour. The facade features the traditional blue and white vertical stripes, and doesn’t deviate much from the Argentina jerseys of the past. However, the back deviates from the shirts of the past by reducing the size of two blue stripes, centering them at the back of the shirt.

(Provided with permission from Marto Rodriguez via Twitter)

The two smaller stripes, along with the shirt neck detailing for the sun, mimic the composition of the Argentine flag, and make the back of the shirt look like it’s made up of a very elongated flag. It’s a simple tweak to a timeless design, but it goes a long way in making a country look feel fresh and lively. It’s at least a little more innovative than the 8-bit processing the shirt took back in 2018.

Portugal away

Portugal joined the ranks of countries where at least one of their jerseys were leaked earlier this month, and also became the first Nike affiliate country to have its design revealed prematurely.

(Images provided by FootyHeadlines)

The sail and carpet jersey (not black and white) will appear as Portugal’s alternate number, featuring a geometric design in Nike’s mid-2000s style. There isn’t a lot to be said for the shirt, and that’s not a bad thing. The design is simple and clean and effectively screams “Portugal!” without doing much at all.

Similar to the Argentine jersey mentioned above, the back of the jersey stands out as a distinctive feature. While Nike could have left the back blank and embellished it with a number and neck detailing, they chose to continue with the geometric design on the back of the shirt, making it more of a collar-style design. The two panels in the back are equidistant from the center, complementing a cleverly symmetrical asymmetrical design.

(Images provided by FootyHeadlines)

As an aside, there were some rumors about the Portugal national team jersey being leaked, but something didn’t quite fit with those rumors for me, so I refused to include it here.

New England away

No, it’s not a World Cup jersey, but it’s a lot more exciting than the remaining leaks, and it’s totally crazy to see an MLS jersey leak so early.

(Images provided by FootyHeadlines)

The New England Away in 2023 shirt features a red badge that runs from the insignia to just below the ribcage, and what appears to be a speckled pine green pattern runs across the shoulders on the back of the shirt. As shown in the presented model, it is loud, lively and finally Revolution cries. After decades of cute shirts, chiefs may have finally clinched the gold. Or at least green and red.

With the World Cup approaching, it’s hard not to use this section to talk about the best national team shirts from past tournaments. Enter the 2014 change bar in Korea.

(Photo courtesy of SB Nation)

The mostly white shirt features a blue and red two-piece, and a stand-up collar with red and blue back seams. Although the shirt may be simplistic, it looks like it perfectly sums up Korea. The excellent use of color, along with the funky straight collar that has been specifically designed for Korea makes this shirt stand out as one of its kind in World Cup history.

what Hell. In a move no one has ever requested, the Eagles updated their Word Mark last week from the iconic winged “EAGLES” to what appears to be a modified version of the Helvetica Neue.

Jokes aside, this is an obvious diminution and will only make sense if the rumors whispered about a larger renaming are to be believed. we will see…

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