Winner Chicken Dinner Winner! KFC Fan Kolev Wins 2022 WSOP Millionaire Maker ($1,125,141)

Julian Coleff

The 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) In his new home in Balis and Paris Las Vegas A new champion was crowned as Bulgarian Yulian Kolev won his second bracelet as he was the last player standing in it Event #37: $1500 Million No-Limit Hold’em. This is the second year in a row that Kolev has won a bracelet as the Bulgarian only seven months ago won his first online career Event #9: Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em $777 for $146,163.

That number is dwarfed by his winning this event, both in terms of prestige and in prize money as Colif won the grand prize $1,125,141 And his first WSOP bracelet. Culiffe overcame a field full of bracelet winners as he maneuvered 7,961 participants over five days to claim the bulk of the The total prize pool is $10,627,935. Not without adversity as in the last two schedules, Culiffe had a huge flop with the ace-king against him Raul MartinezThe pocket sevens of 25,000 chips with the big blind drop to 500,000. He managed to win that chip to get him back in the competition before Linus Ritcher eight pocket cools off against the pocket Ritcher handles.

Kolev was encouraged by a big railroad, and all of them wore upside-down Kentucky buckets as hats in honor of a famous Bulgarian music artist.

Event #37: Results of the 1500 Million Dollar Factory Final Schedule

place player nation Prize (US$)
the first Julian Coleff Bulgaria $1,125,141
Second Oren Rosen Israel $695,390
Third Tyler Gaston United State 522705 dollars
the fourth Yetta Chung Australia $395,545
Fifth Dominic Brazier United State 301,346 dollars
VI Stanley Wing United State $231,145
seventh Aline Tenorio Brazil $178,515
VIII bastian jolie France $138,821
ninth Nick Marchington United kingdom 108,704 dollars
The tenth Raul Martinez Spain $85,718

Many notables were in the field with Robert Mizrahi Chasing his fifth bracelet. However, Mizrahi was eliminated towards the end of Day Three in 27th place. Another bracelet winner, James Calderaro, was also eliminated near the end of Day Three in 26th place.

Kolev came in on day 5 of chips with 49 big blinds and was able to take the win with a fairly smooth sail as the Bulgarian was never in danger.

Winner’s reaction

Julian Coleff
Julian Kolev celebrates his bars

poker news He was asked about his win coming from a chip and a chair after losing the pot to Martinez and Kolliff said

“It was so funny because I knew I wasn’t out of the tournament but I couldn’t do anything with that combination (less than one big blind). I was thinking, ‘Let’s see what happens at the other table’ so I bend my hand before the big blind hits me. .then I went in everything from under the gun and won and then I won the big blind and then it all started from there.”

When asked about winning his second WSOP bracelet and first live bracelet, Kolev said.

“The feeling is so much stronger because all your friends are here. The pressure is so much more.”

When asked if the rail’s strong presence helped his performance, Kolev said, “It makes me feel really calm. It’s really important to have my friends next to me when I go the distance (at the championship)”.

Pulev also said that he will play more of the WSOP 2022 in search of a third bracelet.

Today’s work summary

The day started with Tyler Gaston He put pressure on the rest of the table, but the first elimination can be attributed to Kolev when Dominic Brazier He was pushed by a pre-paid Queen Seven for less than 10 big initial blinds in Kolev who called the Jack Eight and hit a couple on the river, eliminating the American in fifth with more than $300,000.

She was his next victim Yetta Chung who called for his life in the championship with his pocket sevens and faced the Queen for Colive suit. The Bulgarian hit a queen in turn and Chung came out in fourth place for nearly $400,000.

Gaston, the chip leader at the start of the day, came out with the next loss. Jack carried ten and called the big blind by raising from Oren Rosen Which held the queen of ten clubs. All chips went in the middle with a high jack failure with two rackets. Gaston was ahead but the Queen hit the river, giving Rosen a better pair while another American was sent bucked in third for $522,705.

The head-to-head battle was a short affair and it was the Pocket Rockets that secured victory as Culiffe bet three aces and summoned Rosen in his Queen Jack suit. The flop came high and the cash was mid-turn as Culiffe’s aces kept him winning his second bracelet.

Congratulations to Yuliyan Kolev on winning the 37th 2022 WSOP World Series Title: 1500 Millionaire Maker!

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