Tom Brady, Mike Evans among the most friendly NFL contracts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are well aware that their favorite team employs one of the best front office employees in the entire NFL, from General Manager Jason Licht onwards.

A new list from Pro Football Focus ranking the league’s friendliest contracts ahead of the 2022 season is further evidence.

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans ranks second on the list, an absolute bargain as one of the most consistently dominant passers in the game.

Here’s PFF’s Brad Spielberger on what makes the Evans deal such a steal for Tampa Bay:

Evans is entering Year 9 of his NFL career and still has to score less than 1,000 yards in a single season. He will play the entire 2022 campaign and at just 29 years old, he is younger than the recently extended Cooper Cup at the Los Angeles Rams despite entering the league three years ago. Since 2014, Evans has scored 3.33 wins over a substitution, trailing only Julio Jones, Deandry Hopkins and Antonio Brown among the wide receivers.

Not even the highest-earning receiver on his side, Evans has signed a three-year, $60 million extension this off season – one of 16 wide receivers now earning more annually. While Evans has made it clear he cares more about winning, he’s gone so far as to explore ways to make room for others to get their deals, but it’s worth more than a new contract.

Evans’ quarterback, Tom Brady, also beats out the top ten on this list, coming in at number eight. Even at the age of 44, in his 23rd NFL season, the Goats still play as well as any quarterback in the league, it made his current hat look incredibly low.

Here’s what Spielberger had to say about the Brady deal:

Brady didn’t retire this season after just over a month, back on the loaded Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster and on a contract that’s still a huge deal for the soon-to-be 45-year-old. Brady led the NFL with 5.12 wins over the established replacement in 2021, and his 90.8 pass score trails only Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Borough.

Brady also led the 5,316 passing yards for the NFL, as did his 41 big throws. His 1.9% turnover rate was the second lowest in the league. Even in his mid-40s, Brady is still one of the league’s best quarterbacks of the week and week — no matter what stat you choose to monitor.

Licht and his outstanding staff have been among the best teams in the league at finding innovative ways to increase their hat space and expand their Super Bowl window as wide as possible.

Having two of the league’s top players on such relatively cheap deals is just one of many examples of how the Tampa Bay front office has set high standards in terms of team building across the NFL.


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