This multi-fold booster car seat is a travel essential

Do you know those people who make traveling with kids seem calm and effortless? I wasn’t one of those people. As a new mom of two kids at once, I spent a good portion of my twins’ first year of life trying to survive – traveling with them was a next-level ambition we had to wait until we all got our directions.

Finally, we got there. After childhood, we are finally ready to go out on the road as a family. But one of the main obstacles we still faced was the problem of safe ground transportation. Either we had to travel with huge car seats or were limited to the kind of secluded resort that would provide them at all times, from the moment we picked up at the airport. Was there another solution that I was missing?

During a multigenerational trip on Maui, I finally found out what she was up to. My four-year-old daughter made a new Canadian friend at the resort and this girl’s family kept leaving the property for meals and more adventurous rides with Uber. How did they do this? Her mother explained the Mifold booster seat.

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Mifold describes itself as “the world’s most compact backless booster,” and it’s easy to see why. It’s about the size of a paperback book and fits in my bag or in my kids’ backpacks while still saving plenty of space. And (for the three dads out there, bless your hearts) it’s narrow enough to fit triplets straight across the back seat of most cars. It works by pulling the adult seat belt down to adjust it so that it fits the child safely and securely.

Once home from that flight, I ordered a reasonably priced pair of gadgets for a twin – and I’ve never looked back. Since then we’ve thrown them into handbags and used them for ride-sharing, taxis, and rental cars all over the world; They flew with us from Mexico to Marrakesh, and from Bora Bora to Barcelona.

Courtesy of Walmart

To buy:, $40

Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? I’ve wondered about it too, but the Mifold is regulated for use in every US state, as well as by the globally accepted universal car booster seat regulations in the EU and Canada. (Note that it is not available for sale or use in Australia, which has its own set of safety standards.)

However, there are some caveats. Essentially, the seat is designed for children 4 years of age and older, who weigh at least 40 pounds (up to 100 pounds), and who are at least 40 inches tall (up to 59 inches). So this will not be a substitute for a forward-facing car seat, which is not regulated for infants or young children. But it’s something parents will want to bookmark when the time is right. What’s more, the Mifold is compact yet dense—weighing in at about 10 pounds. So plan for that extra weight if it’s not extra size.

Finally, my kids tell me that it’s not the most comfortable thing to sit for long periods of time. And although this model is called Comfort because of its additional padding, I would say that their evaluation is possible due to its rigidity. I would appreciate that you could line it up with a jacket, for example. Or just encourage the kids to be patient and have minimal inconveniences – it’s a small price to pay for their travel adventures.

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Our gray multi-fold seats, which go with everything (as if that were important – and it doesn’t apply). It has red accents so it stands out easily when your Uber driver is a minute away and you’re digging into your bag under snacks, sunscreen, and toys. Right now you can register my Gray Mifold Seats at Walmart, but you’ll want to act fast since the blue and purple are already sold out. (In fact, this Mifold booster seat is so popular, it’s also not available on Amazon and on the Mifold website.)

This summer, my children will be eight years old. And this Christmas, they will not be legally required to use booster seats at all. While the upcoming relocation comes as a logistical relief, it’s also bittersweet: It marks the end of the days when we’ve taken our travel boosters around the world with our wide-eyed pups, it’s a great pleasure and privilege to think that neither of us will ever forget. .

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