The worst case scenario for buffalo bills in 2022

The Buffalo Bills will report to camouflage training at St John Fisher College in Rochester, one week from today. It will be the first bootcamp to be held in St John Fisher since 2019.

The Bills are the favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2022. They have arguably the best roster in the NFL and many believe they would have won the Super Bowl after last season, had it not been for a 13-second defeat at Kansas City.

Keeping your key players and of course having Josh Allen helps deliver those high expectations. The Bills only had one obvious need on the entire team, which was able to pass from the elite. They filled it in by signing off on edge accelerator, Von Miller in free agency.

The Bills also added the likes of Rodger Saffold and David Quessenberry along the offensive line, Jamison Crowder on a wide reception, OJ Howard on the tight end, Case Keenum on reserve back and Tim Settle and Jordan Phillips on defensive tackle.

Probably the Bills’ best-case scenario would be a record 13-4 or 14-3 and winning the AFC title with a trip to Super Bowl 57.

But what about the worst case scenario?

We’d prefer not to think about it, of course, but it’s at least a possibility.

If the bills stay intact, the worst case scenario may be just 11-6 – they have a pretty good slate. However, the worst case scenario would involve an injury and that would be an injury to Josh Allen.

Allen has maintained his health since his injury in 2018 and missed some matches. Nathan Peterman and Barclay died time split until Allen returned.

The good news is that even with Allen’s potential injury, Bills isn’t bad enough to miss the playoffs. Case Keenum was traded by GM Brandon Beane for exactly this scenario.

Keenum’s style isn’t allen, not even close to it. But he is able to win games on a good roster and take the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game in January of 2018. You might remember the Minneapolis Miracle-Keenum play to now Buffalo Bills recipient, Stefon Diggs.

Worst case scenario for the Bills would be Allen injured, but the Bills would still make the playoffs as a wild card team behind Keenum.

Let’s just hope and assume the best case scenario.

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