Should the Seahawks add a QB? Robert Turpin talks about what Carroll wants

All eyes are on what the Seahawks are doing – or not doing – at the quarterback in this off-season, and the one with a very good idea of ​​what Seattle’s approach to that spot might be the former Hawks running back Robert Turpin.

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Turbin, a 2012 Seattle pick who serves as an analyst for the Seahawks Radio Network during the season, joined The Mike Salk Show at the Seattle Sports 710 a.m. Thursday and shared some of his insights into the quarterback situation.

One of the things Salk wanted to know was “how seriously” coach Pete Carroll’s “always competitive” mindset is.

“Oh, I mean, it’s serious. It’s not just something to say. There are changes that happen on a daily basis,” Turpin said. “Things can happen that way.”

Turpin said the player will be in the first team one day, and the next day he can run with backups.

“And it just depends on what I actually did that day. (The coaches) go and rate the movie and say, ‘Hey, let’s see what this guy looks like with (the first team).’ So it’s very competitive all the time.” “…(Carol) wants to bring your best as a player and help you reach your full potential, whatever that is, so you can go out and play for free.”

Because of this mindset, Salk believes the Seahawks “should go out and make an effort” to bring in one of Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo in the quarterback rather than go ahead with Geno Smith and Drew Lock, both of whom are already on the list.

“Because getting into the season with the two currently on your roster without making the utmost effort to bring in another wouldn’t really be the core of the competition every day,” Salk said.

Turpin replied, “No, I don’t agree with that. You don’t have to go out and do anything. You can be totally comfortable with what you’re seeing in practice now and say, ‘You know?'” We’ll let these two guys compete and see who will give us the best chance of winning on Sunday.”

According to Turbin, it’s possible the Seahawks have seen enough in practices and during their film evaluation to believe they “feel good” about starting Lock or Smith.

“Now, if there’s a sense of unease there, you can say, ‘I don’t think you’re ever going to give us the best chance of winning,’ and then you go out there and maybe play,” Turbine said. We add it to our competitors.” There are salaries, here it is, there it is. So I don’t think they have to do anything as long as they are comfortable with the two men on the list.”

As the Seahawks switch over to unnamed quarterback Russell Wilson, what exactly is Carroll looking for from the quarterback?

“You just have to take care of the ball. Turns are a big factor for Coach Carol, as he wins a turnover ratio.” So take care of the ball and being able to move the chains down third, Turbine said. It’s that easy. Can you play third place when we need it? And can’t you turn the ball around, period? Can you give us a chance to win? ”

One thing Wilson excelled at during his time with the Seahawks was throwing deep passes. Salk asked Turpin if this was a need for Carol.

“It’s not important,” he said.

Turpin said the Seahawks have a goal each week to get the minimum number of “explosive plays” that should be to attack, but those big plays don’t necessarily have to come from deep passes.

“You want to be able to have those explosive plays but these will come naturally to the game. And the Seahawks have enough playmakers to make that happen.” “They’re going to re-sign DK (Metcalf), a playmaker who can make explosive plays. We’ve seen Tyler (Lockett) do that over and over. We’ve seen Rashad Penny with explosive runs, those over 20 yards, right? Ken Walker (The Apprentice) can do this in the background too. There are other people in attack who have that ability, so you’ll be able to create explosive plays with the players on your roster. It doesn’t always have to come from your quarterback. Let your buddies, your skilled players, They go out there and play.”

Listen to the full conversation in the 2pm podcast from The Mike Salk Show Thursday at this link or in the player below.

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