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There is nothing quite like having to buy a home and move into a new state to cause family stress.

For Dimitri and Britney Metropoulos, they had to add a three-week-old baby and a camera crew to the experiment.

Dimitri, a 2012 McHenry West High School graduate, and his wife, Britney, will share some of that experience with America Thursday when the home shopping experience is shown on HGTV’s “House Hunters.”

The couple, 28, and their newborn daughter, Evie, were living in Bentonville, Arkansas, when Dimitri’s company, Molson Coors, offered him an upgrade that came with a move to Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the fourth step since he started working at the brewing company. Dimitri said it so happened that the House Hunter production team chose them to appear on the show.

He couldn’t go into specifics about working with Pie Town Productions, the company that makes the popular show.

“We are fans of the show, and it ended up falling into our laps,” Dimitri said.

He added that it was a great experience.

“After the cameras follow you as you look at the houses, you get a little nervous,” Dimitri said. But in the end, he said, I forgot they were there.

“They were very helpful because we had a child. It was nice to have them understand that,” he said.

His mother, Susie Metropoulos of McHenry, also appeared on the show. She was helping with babysitting when it was filmed in January and settled in the new home.

He believes they looked at every home for sale in Nashville before choosing which home they bought. He said where and which house will be revealed during the episode.

The experience was even more difficult because their home in Arkansas had already been sold, the housing market was at its peak and “a hundred people a day” were moving to Nashville when they were looking, Dimitri said.

Britney was in her third trimester when they knew they were going to move again, she said. They stayed there until the baby was born on December 29, so she could deliver with her regular doctor.

With the housing market tight, Dmitriy said, they had to make some concessions. “Anytime you move you get the perfect house in your head,” he said, and you think finding it wouldn’t be that difficult.

“In this case he was far from it. I think we got really lucky with the ones we got,” said Dimitri.

Britney said they love the house they bought.

“I got everything I needed from the house that we ended up getting. I love her, and she is in an area we are really excited about.” This area has a good mix of young people with children and dogs. “We felt right at home.”

The couple plans to gather with friends and neighbors on Thursday before the show’s premiere to watch it together. Dmitriy said they had not yet seen the incident.

“They’ll come for a barbecue, and I’ll supply the beer,” he laughed.

The episode “New Family in Nashville” will air at 9 p.m. Thursday on HGTV.

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