Point.me allows you to search for flights by loyalty points

Point.me is the first metasearch engine for reward trips covering over 30 loyalty programmes, including major credit card programs.

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Thanks to the amazing welcome offers for credit cards, collecting points is easier than ever. Do you use those points to book reward flights, though? This became more difficult. In the past five years, most — but not all — airlines have switched from static reward flight charts to proprietary dynamic pricing models. At the same time, many travelers have entered the world of points and miles, which has increased the competition for reward seats at affordable point prices.

Although it often seems that the days of transferring 55,000 credit card points for business class travel from Miami to Paris are over, they are not over. Of course, the best deals require flexibility, but it also requires looking beyond the search engine for a single airline loyalty program. So far, professionals like myself have had to bundle together award availability and pricing through advanced tools like ExpertFlyer and searches across multiple recurring post programs.

But with Point.me debuting, the process has become much simpler.

Point.me, launched in February 2022, is the first metasearch engine for reward flights. Stretching across 33 loyalty programs and 150 airlines, it’s an easy-to-use, affordable and smart tool to help decide how miles are spent and the best way to convert credit card points into miles for desired tickets. Here’s what you need to know about this new and exciting tool.

How does Point.me work

Point.me is similar to familiar flight search engines such as Google Flights, Kayak, and Expedia. First, enter your departure and arrival airports, travel date and number of passengers. Then choose between a return flight, as well as between business or economy.

Results are priced in points across 33 different programs. You can then sort these results by fastest, lowest priced flights or Point.me picks (site recommendation for best all-round choice). You can also filter by number of layovers, removing specific airlines and programs from the mix, if you wish.

what you will find

The first thing you’ll notice is that point pricing varies widely across programmes, even airline programs within the same alliance. The second is that great deals still exist.

For example, on June 5, 2022, we searched for a business class ticket between New York (JFK) and Frankfurt (FRA) on August 17, 2022. Point prices ranged from 57,500 miles using American Airlines AAdvantage (on a partner Royal Maroc flight) to 1, 925,000 miles using the Etihad Guest program (on its own metal). We sorted by fastest flights out of 92 results and discovered two non-stop flights with perfect timing: one on Singapore Airlines for 85,000 points and one on Delta for 375,000 points. That’s a huge difference for the same eight-hour flight on similar business products (and in fact, Singapore’s business class offerings are superior this route).

Now, with the award taken, we look to Point.me on how to earn Singapore Airlines miles and membership in the KrisFlyer program in Singapore. Since Point.me search results include options for using credit card points to earn frequent flyer miles, we see that we can get this Singapore ticket by transferring points from one or more credit card programs. Remember that points earned on most public travel cards, including introductory rewards and credit card spending, are transferable to many airline frequent flyer programs. Whether you use American Express Membership Rewards points, Chase Ultimate Rewards points, Citi ThankYou points, or Capital One points, you can convert them into miles from select airline programs with the click of a button. In our case, we’ll move a combination of Amex and Chase points to reach the 85,000 mark.

Point.me goes above and beyond instructing customers with a step-by-step process for converting credit card points into miles and registering a coveted reward seat. After following the detailed instructions, we secured our ticket from JFK to FRA on Singapore Airlines.

How much does Point.me cost

Point.me’s self-search tool isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either. You can get a one-day pass for $5 or pay $129 for an annual membership. If the process is starting to feel more stressful than exciting but you still want to top up your existing points balance for initial prize seats, Point.me also offers a full-service concierge booking service. A Point.me advisor will handle every aspect of award booking (starting at $200).

At no additional cost, members can also sync their accounts between Point.me and AwardWallet. For those unfamiliar, AwardWallet is a site to keep track of all your points and miles in one place. By synchronizing the two, Point.me can give a greater indication of which prize seats are accessible, based on your balances.

Point.me is a game-changer, but it’s not perfect yet

Searches can take up to 2 minutes (lengthy for search engine criteria) and can be done for specific dates only (versus, for example, Google Flights, where you can search an entire calendar to find the best cash deals). As with all kinds of prizes available, the situation can change quickly. In fact, in the process of writing this article, the cheapest seat for the example JFK to FRA – 57,500 miles using American Airlines AAdvantage on a Royal Maroc partner flight was gone. We’re guessing a clever traveler caught it! Plus, there are some days when you won’t find a good deal. They are there but again may require flexibility with dates and carriers.

Point.me also clearly states on its site that “Availability and price are not guaranteed. Any points transferred cannot be reversed.” Point.me derives from several search engines and not all of them are updated in real time. So be sure to follow the site’s step-by-step booking process to ensure that the prize seat is still there before transferring credit card points to frequent flyer programs.


For those who want to use their credit card points and frequent travel miles at maximum value, Point.me is an indispensable leading prize finder. The $129 annual fee is a group drop compared to the hundreds or thousands you can save by scoring the best deal of points.

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