Player ratings: FCC 1, Philadelphia Union 1

FC Cincinnati came out of the international break with a tough test, away from home in Philadelphia, but managed to earn a vital point. Al Ittihad took the lead in the 17th minute through a spinning reel by Alejandro Bedoya. But, Fosers returned to just before the break when a clever cornering routine had Tyler Blackett run over to Brandon Vasquez to risk his life and limbs, diving into the goalkeeper’s foot to head the net. Chances were few and far between after that, and the FCC missed a point.

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  • Each player starts with a 6 as a standard rating. Six indicates the “average performance” of the match.
  • Players will receive additions or subtractions to their score based on individual moments and overall team performance.
  • We will look at various criteria such as stats and player rating systems from Who Scored and FOTMOB
  • We will not use 0.5 increments, as this is a weak sauce.
  • We will not be afraid to give players a perfect score of 10 if they deserve it, but we will never give a rating with a value of 0, because there is always some kind of positivity.
  • A player may receive an N/A number if he is substituted on/off before any quantifiable stats are available.

Expected goals (xG): FC Cincinnati – 1.1, Philadelphia Union – 1.3 per

Formation: 3-5-2

Now to the categories:

Director – Pat Noonan – 8

Pat Noonan chose to abandon the 4-2-3-1 method his team had recently been using in favor of 3-5-2. He also gave debuts to former Al-Ittihad players Ray Gaddis and Harris Midunganen and used Alvaro Barreal as a substitute for the example of Lucho Acosta. These choices paid off, and Noonan & Co. escaped from Subaru Park with a lively and challenging point.

However, once again the captain was reluctant to use submarines when his team was getting tired. It took Jeff Cameron jerky in the 74th minute to get him to pull the trigger on his first branch. From there, he used only 4 of the 5 that were available because his team was clearly struggling to hold the game at their stretch.

GK – Roman Celentano – 7

Celentano wasn’t asked to make any great saves on the night. However, the rookie goalkeeper made 4 saves and only lost 1 goal in 1.8 after the xG shot. He also showed some real courage when he came off the line to tackle a few crosses and free kicks. He had one questionable moment when he came out to pick up a long ball from a stationary piece and poured it momentarily before the defender could take the ball out. In general, a solid outing for growing prospects.

RWB – Ray Gaddis – 7

The veteran right flank defender was clearly ready for the match when he “returned home” to Subaru Park. He was involved both offensively and defensively, scoring an 80% passing rate, completing 2 of 3 dribbles, and winning 4 of 5 ground duels. Gaddis didn’t make any blatant defensive mistakes, but his offensive style left a bit undesirable. He was unable to get an accurate cross on the night, and most of his services were blocked by the nearest defender. Ray also failed to win any intervention.

CB – Nick Haglund – 8

Nick Haglund did a little bit of everything at night. He participated offensively, scoring good passing numbers that included a key pass, an accurate cross pass, and 4 passes to the offensive third. Defensively he was a beast. Not only did he win all his four aerial duels, but he also led the team with five joint tackles and interceptions and added 5 passes. Perhaps most telling is that Al Ittihad only chose to attack its team 27% of the time.

CB – Jeff Cameron – 5

In his first meaningful act of sometime, the linebacker’s heart showed some rust. Cameron was unable to get an intervention and only contributed 4 pressures. He cemented a back streak that played well, however, winning both of his air matches and two of his three duels on the ground. He made two mistakes that could have cost his team and wasn’t able to go all 90 minutes, but overall there’s not much to complain about Cameron’s performance.

CB – Tyler Plackett – 4

Blackt would have been rated lower had it not been for his assists in the equalizer against Vazquez. Outside of that defining moment, his performance was inconsistent. His 74% success rate wasn’t great and he only completed 2 of the 7 long balls. It has been distilled once, and has been stripped of its possessions twice, including while preparing for a union goal. There have been numerous occasions when Philadelphia have managed to find runners behind their left center back, choosing to exploit him by attacking his team 41% of the time. Finally, although he won 4 out of 5 aerial duels, he failed to win any tackle or interception, winning only 1 of 3 air duels. If Blackt is playing on contract, it looks like he could find himself without a club by the end of the month.

LWB – John Nelson – 7

Once again, John Nelson delivered a competent performance. He’s come to succeed him on behalf of the injured Ronald Mataretta, and while he’s often unable to add much value to attack, he doesn’t take anything away from defense. His 84% ​​passing rate was excellent and he was able to send accurate crosses. He also won 2 bouts and was 2-2 in his ground duels, holding 2 interceptions. Finally, tie with the team lead by 5 blocks… Excellent stats when your team keeps a point on the road.

DCM – Ubina Nobudu – 8

Obi is really doing some things on the pitch. He was so good in this match that the defensive presence of the Munjanin goalkeeper did not notice … a very important achievement when the veteran is on the field. Obi completed 90% of his passes including 5 long balls and 7 passes in the third attack. The team led his 16 presses and 16 ball recoveries, adding 6 blocks, 1 interception, and 3 tackles. If he can start turning some of his excellent ability on the ball into scoring opportunities, he will truly be the best player on this team.

DCM – Haris Medunjanin – 8

Playing alongside Obi, Medunjanin wasn’t asked to cover much ground defensively. This allowed him to excel in the spaces he occupied. The veteran midfielder finished second in the squad with 13 replays and added 9 pressures, interceptions and tackles. Offensively, he took good care of the ball and added two key passes and two shooting moves. If he can play this well when called into action, he could be a major player in the beginning.

Camp – Alvaro Barreal – 7

Barrille has been a bit of a mystery playing the Top 10 as a league starter for the first time this season. His 89% passing was excellent, and he contributed 3 shot making moves and 4 key passes. However, he also had 2 missing touches and was kicked out 5 times. He got into dangerous situations all night but struggled to find much of the end product. Status and Point were his ten crosses on the night of which only two were accurate. In general, however, his contribution was positive. His six keys in play led the team and helped generate some valuable possession, and his four shots were some of the most dangerous moments of the match.

ST – Brenner – 8

Brenner’s performance infuriated some fans, and this assessment will make me feel some criticism on Twitter. However, I think if you remove the price tag and the name, and focus only on the performance, the young Brazilian played well. Not only did he score a 93% success rate, he led the team with seven shooting strokes and contributed three key passes. He also had the team’s most advanced assists pass (11), which shows how important he is in connecting play. His defensive work rate was also excellent. His 13 pressures were good enough for second on the team, and he also added 2 tackles. The player named to the FC Cincinnati transfer deal may not have set the record, but he contributed a lot to the outcome.

Brandon Vazquez – 8 striker (Man of the Match

Vazquez scored the only goal in a 1-1 draw. This alone may have earned him the man of the match honor, but he was also excellent in many other aspects. His consistent performance is improving rapidly, and several of Orange and Blue’s most dangerous attacks came after the team was able to move through Vazquez. This showed that he was targeted with the most passes from anyone on the team (64). Of those goals, he was able to get close to 70%…An excellent stat for any striker in the league. His struggles still surfaced at times, and he was also credited with 7 missing touches, but overall he was vital in every part of FC Cincinnati’s attack.


Ian Murphy (74th the moment) – 6

Murphy came to cramp Jeff Cameron to pin him down in the middle of the back 3. He put in a great performance, using his speed to shut out Corey Burke. Outside of that, his contribution was minimal as he only had 5 touches and tried 2 passes. But entering as a central defender on the road in a tie … the goal is not mistakes. And that’s what Murphy achieved.

Lucho Acosta (78th minute) – 4

Acosta came in late trying to steal all three points of late. After only getting one real practice session before a match due to being in health and safety protocols, rust appeared. He scored 60% of passes, had no successful dribbles, was 0 for 3 on cross passes, and fell over the ball in a wide open space once. He failed to get a key pass or pictorial work.

Dom Badji (78th minute) – 5

Baggie didn’t have long to try to influence the match when he joined Brenner. He didn’t do much, but he was able to contribute a key pass and pictorial work. He ran with full effort as usual, but his hesitation ended a counterattack opportunity that could have won an FCC game.

Alan Cruz (86th minute) – do not apply

Availability notes: Alec Kahn (groin), Junior Moreno (leg), Yoya Kubo (Health & Safety), Calvin Harris (green card), Ronald Mataretta (ankle).

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